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May 21, 2015 07:30 ET

InDevR Launches Enhanced Flu Vaccine Potency Assay for All Stages of Bioprocessing

New Version of Company's Influenza Titer on Chip (Flu-ToC) Assay Rebranded as "VaxArray Influenza Potency Assay"

BOULDER, CO--(Marketwired - May 21, 2015) - InDevR, Inc., an innovative life science company dedicated to improving biopharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturing, announced the launch of the VaxArray™ Influenza potency assay, a new and re-branded version of the company's Influenza Titer on Chip® or Flu-ToC™ product. The VaxArray Influenza potency assay is a multiplexed immunoassay for hemagglutinin (HA) quantification that utilizes a panel of subtype-specific, broadly reactive monoclonal capture antibodies printed in a microarray format.

The VaxArray assay is the first commercially available kit for rapid quantification of flu hemagglutinin protein, now delivering results in less than two hours. The assay provides robust flu vaccine potency information critical to flu researchers and vaccine producers at all stages of vaccine research and development, including samples of crude extract through purification and concentration steps. If a secondary standard is available, quantification can be accomplished prior to the availability of seasonal reference antigens.

Improvements since the initial launch of product previously known as Flu-ToC include: longer reagent shelf-life, a semi-automation protocol for increased ease of use, less hands-on time, higher throughput and reduced assay time. In addition, VaxArray offers a streamlined automated data analysis package.

For influenza vaccines, typically HA quantification is performed using the single radial immunodiffusion assay (SRID). This method can be tedious and result in production delays. SRID is reliant on seasonal reference antisera and antigens as well as gels that must be prepared in-house. Subsequently, analysis can be inconsistent between laboratories and scientists. SRID is also a singleplex method known to have limited dynamic range. The VaxArray Influenza potency assay has been recognized by the US Department of Health and Human Services as a promising alternative to SRID.

"Time to market in the vaccine industry is critical. With VaxArray customers save valuable time with an off-the-shelf potency assay that allows them to assess HA concentration and stability within hours rather than days, even during the early stages of development," said Kathy Rowlen, Chief Executive Officer of InDevR. "We have re-branded Flu-ToC to better reflect the platform flexibility. While VaxArray Influenza is the first potency assay we've launched, the technology will be useful for other vaccines as well. Animal vaccines and vaccines against potential pandemic influenza viruses represent another great market opportunity for this product and we intend to pursue those applications next."

Michèle Dargis, Director of Analytical Development at Medicago inc., who had early access to the technology commented: "Although we are still evaluating this promising new technology, we are optimistic that the VaxArray Influenza potency assay will lead to a valid measurements of hemagglutinin in plant-based flu VLP vaccines."

Development of the Flu-ToC/VaxArray Influenza product was supported in part by SBIR grants from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

VaxArray Influenza potency assay is available as a testing service or a product kit. More information is available at:

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Medicago is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel vaccines and therapeutic proteins to address a broad range of infectious diseases worldwide. The Company is committed to providing highly effective and competitive vaccines and therapeutic proteins based on its proprietary VLP and manufacturing technologies. Medicago is a worldwide leader in the development of VLP vaccines using a transient expression system which produces recombinant vaccine antigens in plants. This technology has potential to offer more potent vaccines with speed and cost advantages over competitive technologies, enabling the development of a vaccine for testing in approximately one month after the identification and reception of genetic sequences from a pandemic strain. This production time frame has the potential to allow vaccination of the population before the first wave of a pandemic, and supply large volumes of vaccine antigens to the world market. Medicago also intends to expand development into other areas such as biosimilars and biodefense products where the benefits of our technologies can make a significant difference. Additional information about Medicago is available at

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