SOURCE: Business Enthusiast Matt Argall

Business Enthusiast Matt Argall

September 28, 2014 04:50 ET

India Named Prime Demand for Quality Nutritional Supplements by Matt Argall

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - Sep 28, 2014) - According to a recent article in Digital Marketplace the demand for nutritional supplements in India is growing. Projections looking into 2017 support this positive growth outlook and overall forward movement. With an increase in health consciousness, improved incomes and living standards in India, it seems that the nutritional supplement market has a bright future.

Matt Argall, who is no stranger to success, has recently named India as a focus point for quality nutritional supplements. Matt has an ability to see the potential in emerging ideas and places and his interest in humanitarian issues, health and well-being, fuel many of his ventures. According to Matt "The current market and development capabilities in India are impressive" as is "(their) efficiency, quality, and reputation for producing high quality nutritional supplements." He is well informed and will be keenly watching the increasing demand for quality supplements from the country. With major pharmaceutical groups already developing products in India, there is a strong base for mass quality production ramping up.

Looking and tapping into an international market is something Matt Argall is no stranger to and indeed something he thrives on. Years ago, Matt looked south and beyond the United States borders to Brazil. He tapped into South America before most other people saw the potential. By taking the United States market into account and the potentially high profit products available, he translated the best product he knew of into Portuguese. By launching it in Brazil he sold the product to 180,000 people with great success. That experience proved to be a turning point for Matt Argall, as he began to understand how to profit from an emerging market.

Matt was born in Los Angeles, California but his family soon relocated to Canada. Around the age of eight, his parents sold their chiropractic business in Canada and the family moved back to the United States. His intellect was discovered early on, as by the age of 17 he was already a businessman. Before everyone else jumped on the eBay bandwagon, Matt had already figured it out, helping to revolutionize the online selling market. Due to his early successes, he has a strong background and framework for moving forward and making big things happen. Matt continues to look forward to and put his energy and efforts into new and profitable business ventures. He has learned many valuable lessons that have molded him into the intellectual and talented businessman that he is today.

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