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October 27, 2011 09:00 ET

Indianapolis Chiropractor Promotes Total Wellness With Applied Kinesiology

INDIANAPOLIS, IN--(Marketwire - Oct 27, 2011) - Chiropractor Dr. David Bax has been using Applied Kinesiology to diagnose and treat patients coming to see him for a myriad of conditions, from back pain and neck pain to headaches, sciatica and fatigue. Applied Kinesiology (AK) is an alternative medical technique used in about one third of chiropractic clinics around the country, and it diagnoses a patient's mental, biochemical and structural wellness through a system of muscle strength testing. According to AK, weakness in certain muscles in the body can indicate problems in the body's various systems. Dr. Bax reports diagnosing and successfully treating hundreds of patients by using AK techniques.

Dr. Bax runs two Indianapolis chiropractic clinics and has completed more than 200 hours of original coursework in Applied Kinesiology, on top of which he has also taken an advanced course called "Quintessential Applications of Applied Kinesiology." This course is taught by Dr. Walter Schmitt, who actually grew up next door to and studied under Dr. George Goodheart, the chief developer of AK. According to the philosophy of AK, muscle strength tests are used to evaluate a patient's mental, biochemical and structural health.

"Whenever a health problem arises," says Dr. Bax, "it usually stems from an imbalance in one or more of these areas. As a chiropractor, I use AK, along with other testing methods, to pinpoint the root cause of a person's pain so that we are not just alleviating the symptoms, but solving the problem itself so the pain does not recur and the patient actually gets stronger. In many cases, we find that a person's spine is misaligned, causing pinched nerves, but also that they may have chemical imbalances that can be remedied with nutritional and lifestyle changes."

One of Dr. Bax's patients, who provided a testimonial on his website, describes how Dr. Bax was able to diagnose and treat a case of mild degenerative disc disease that his regular doctor was unable to discover through the use of traditional X-trays alone. Dr. Bax diagnosed the problem using AK and created a treatment plan that included chiropractic spinal adjustments, massage and cold laser therapy.

The patient reported a dramatic improvement: "I could barely get out of bed, and now I work out three days a week in the gym. Now I understand what problems I had been dealing with. Dr. Bax has helped me maintain my activity level, and reduce the degeneration of the disc."

Dr. Bax says that although many of his first-time patients are skeptical about the AK diagnosis methods, they usually leave the office fully convinced. He stated, "AK helps us to render a more thorough diagnosis than conventional methods alone because it looks at health holistically, taking the patient's entire well-being into account; instead of just dealing with isolated symptoms. Then, we can map out a plan including physical therapy, spinal adjustments etc. to help the patient achieve total wellness."

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