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December 07, 2011 10:00 ET

Indianapolis Chiropractor Provides Massage Therapy to Aid in Injury Recovery

INDIANAPOLIS, IN--(Marketwire - Dec 7, 2011) - Dr. David Bax, an Indianapolis chiropractor who runs the Dr. David Bax Injury & Rehabilitation Center, offers massage therapy as a method of pain relief for patients going through physical therapy for an injury, or as treatment for chronic back pain, neck pain and other ailments. He and his staff are trained to provide four different levels of soft tissue work, ranging from Swedish massage to deep tissue therapy. According to Dr. Bax, there are many benefits to this type of therapy beyond just relaxation, and he often recommends it in conjunction with other chiropractic therapies such as cold laser therapy and spinal adjustments.

Dr. Bax says that he has several Indianapolis patients come in every week for massage therapy to help them through the rehabilitation process after an injury. Dr Bax says, "Many of my patients are surprised to learn that it has medical benefits beyond just muscle relaxation, which is a huge benefit in itself where soft tissue injuries are concerned. Depending on the patient's condition, we can employ different methods to accomplish different things. But generally speaking, it can also increase circulation to an injury site, which brings in more nutrients and oxygen to help speed the healing process. It also works toxins out of the tissues and helps relieve pain by releasing endorphins."

Endorphins are produced by the pituitary gland and prevent the body from perceiving pain. According to Dr. Bax, it can also help patients by relaxing muscles prior to, or after chiropractic spinal adjustments or therapeutic exercises, which helps increase the exercises' effectiveness.

Chiropractor Dr. Bax and his staff offer four different types of therapy depending upon what the patients need. The lightest form they offer is chair work, in which the patient is seated upright while their neck, upper back and arms are massaged. The Swedish method involves five types of strokes that slide, knead, tap and vibrate tissues to increase circulation and reduce stiffness and pain. Soft tissue manipulation is often used to gently work tendons, fascia, muscles and scar tissue. Dr. Bax says that he often uses this method to help his fibromyalgia patients. Deep tissue therapy, on the other hand, involves much more intense work into the body's tissues with the hands, elbows and thumbs, especially to work out pressure points deep within muscles. According to Dr. Bax, deep tissue therapy can be helpful for chronic back pain in conjunction with other chiropractic care methods.

Dr. Bax says that he also has athletes who come in for massage therapy because it seems to help them both before and after training and competitions. "It helps their muscles stay flexible and increases blood supply to the area to help them perform better naturally, helping them to avoid injury. Of course, it also helps them relax and focus. Mental focus and relaxation are just as important as the physical benefits for our athlete and non-athlete patients alike in their recovery process."

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