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July 08, 2008 11:37 ET

Indicative Award of Grant

News Release                                                                                 9 July, 2008
                                                ANTNANO Plc
                                              (PLUS Company)
                                         Indicative Award of Grant
                            S$10m (GBP 3.7m) to Establish Major R&D Facilities

ANTnano Plc ("ANTnano", or "the Company"), the specialist developer of equipment for detecting biochemicals
and chemicals with applications in the industrial hygiene, medical and homeland security sectors, announces
that  its Singapore subsidiary, ANTnano Singapore Pte Ltd ("ANTnano Singapore"), has been notified that  it
is  to  receive  a  grant  worth  nearly 10million Singapore Dollars (GBP  3.7million)  from  the  Economic
Development Board ("EDB") of Singapore.

The grant, awarded in principle as an indicative offer, follows a successful application to EDB to establish
a  R&D  facility  in Singapore. The grant monies, which will be awarded over a period of five  years,  will
cover start-up and operational costs of a major facility to develop ANTnano's nanotechnology product range.
The  grant provides a contribution to the overall costs of the project of up to 50% of salary costs and  up
to  30% of most other costs.  The grant does not require repayment or any future to entitlement to a  share
of revenue.

The  new  facility  and  its  staff  will complement ANTnano's current  R&D  programme  at  its  Sedgefield
headquarters which has benefited from UK government grants, including those provided by One North East  and
the Durham County Council.

ANTnano Singapore already has an existing Singapore R&D collaboration agreement with EBD, and its partner
the Nanyang Technological University ("NTU"), Singapore, worth S$2m (GBP 0.75 million).

ANTnano Singapore is a partly owned ANTnano subsidiary (70%); the other 30% is owned by private

In a letter to ANTnano Singapore outlining the offer, EDB said:

"...We  are happy to note that ANTnano is working in a field EDB considers important to Singapore's continued
economic growth, and that ANTnano Singapore already has a strong working relationship with Nanofrontier Pte
Ltd and the Nanyang Technological University."

Dr Allan Syms, Chief Executive Officer, said:
"This  is  a  major  step  for the Company, because it enables ANTnano to not only continue  its  important
research  and  development  programmes in the UK, but also to add a new and valuable  capability  to  bring
innovative products to the market place.

The  new  facility  in  Singapore will concentrate on utilising the company's strong intellectual  property
position in developing rapid disposable diagnostic systems to detect viruses and bacteria such as avian flu
and  MRSA,  as  well as for use in detecting explosives in the counter terrorism arena. We also  expect  to
access  new  technology not only through our collaboration with NTU but also with other research institutes
in Singapore."

ANTnano is based in Sedgefield, U.K., and Singapore.


Allan Syms, CEO, ANTnano, on 01740 625283
Jon Isaacs, Alfred Henry Corporate Finance, on 020 7251 3762
Neil Camp, Ronin Communications, on 01944 759222
Issued by: ANTnano Plc, Thomas Wright Way, Netpark, Sedgefield, TS21 3FD.

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