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November 10, 2011 09:00 ET

Indigo Identityware Announces iDNA™ -- Say "Yes" to Your Doctor's iPad®

Revolutionary Password-Free Strong Authentication Solves the Mobile Clinical Computing Identity Problem

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - Nov 10, 2011) - Indigo Identityware has solved the identity security issue for the iPad®. Physicians that love to use their iPad® have been denied use to the hospital's network and applications due to identity security challenges of the iPad®. Current strong authentication solutions are too cumbersome for wide adoption by the users. However, Indigo Identityware's new software-only solution, iDNA™, has solved the problem.

"I have used my iPad® religiously for three years in my practice," says Dr. Tony Shibley of Ob Gyn Specialists in Edina, Minnesota. "However, when I get to the hospital I am told to leave it my car and sign in to numerous desktops. It's more than frustrating. I want to stay mobile and focus on my patients."

The seemingly unsolvable conflict of secure access with the iPad® has been solved with iDNA™, a proprietary password-free strong authentication technology from Indigo Identityware. With only the user's iPad® and a 4-digit PIN, immediate access is secured to his virtual desktop or applications within the hospital. Furthermore, Indigo's unique password-free authentication software functions equally as efficient for all virtual access, single sign-on, and workflow management, whether the user is mobile or using a desktop computer.

"Indigo has done a great job as I have enjoyed single sign-on from my iPad® to my clinic's EMR for about 18 months. Now I have been told that I must add 2-factor strong authentication. I'm thrilled that Indigo can seamlessly integrate this with my iPad® with only a 4-digit PIN," stated Dr. Shibley.

"Indigo has developed a unique methodology to accomplish strong authentication with the iPad. It satisfies both the 2-factor authentication requirements of IT security as well as the ease-of-use requirements of clinicians," says Richard Friedeman, an identity management security expert with Clango Group.

"Indigo's password-free mobile and virtual strong authentication platform is unique in the industry. The pent-up demand for iPad® utilization in healthcare can now be addressed in a manner that satisfies both IT security requirements as well as the user experience (UX) needs of clinicians," states Tom Rheineck, CEO of Indigo Identityware.

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Indigo Identityware, a leader in the identity and access management industry, distinguishes itself by providing password-free mobile and virtual strong authentication. Indigo's software-only architecture was built from the ground up for mobile, virtual and clinical cloud computing. This differentiates Indigo from all other identity management solutions. Indigo's solution works in any virtual environment and has been certified as Citrix Ready. Its flexible design supports multiple strong authentication methods, including next generation biometrics, providing users with secure and fast access to information. Indigo's software-only solution increases workflow productivity while helping customers ensure regulatory compliance. To learn more, visit

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