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Indigo Industries

February 16, 2017 12:48 ET

Indigo Industries Launches Modular Fin Design With the Shift XT, Defiant XT and Apex XT

PROVO, UT--(Marketwired - February 16, 2017) -

  • SHIFT XT offers both blade and split fin with Lock-Right technology.
  • DEFIANT XT fins sleek, stealthy lines not only look the part of a pro diver, but Indigo Industries bi-directional blade fin delivers unsurpassed performance.
  • APEX XT is the first split fin to offer divers both boot and barefoot in one fin.

Indigo Industries is the first brand to give divers the ability to completely customize their fin with their modular design technology. Divers now have the capability to adjust the stiffness and interchangeable foot pocket for boot and barefoot. The fin designs offered are SHIFT XT -- first ever blade and split fin, DEFIANT XT -- blade fin and APEX XT -- split fin.

  • The SHIFT XT slightly shorter length with a bi-directional design that provides unsurpassed agility without sacrificing thrust. This patent pending design is the perfect alliance for a diver's "best of both worlds." The SHIFT XT's lock-right closure system allows divers to alternate their fin styles from blade to split fins in seconds. Reduced drag is accomplished by opening the blade to a Nature's Wing split style fin. This reduces drag and lowers the expenditure of energy for decreased air consumption during a dive. It is perfect for calm waters. Closing the fin will give divers an aggressive blade style fin to power through any current.
  • The DEFIANT XT's bi-directional design allows for dynamic and efficient lines that reduce drag. The bottom of the fin features a power transfer plate engineered to transfer the energy you create to the blade portion of the fin and traction bars to reduce falls in uneven or slippery conditions.
  • The APEX XT is designed to surpass performance expectations from a split fin design. The APEX XT is truly the first of its kind in the split fin category. The APEX XT bi-directional face eliminates the need for bulky I-beam sidebars and the curved tip construction channels water flow between the open seams for unparalleled propulsion. This reduces drag for a smooth gliding movement. With its shorter design, divers will experience controlled kick enhancement and less fatiguing leverage against the legs.

Indigo's patent pending modular design allows divers customizing the fin to suit your body type and strength can be done easily with interchangeable variable rate spine reinforcement stiffeners. This variable durometer stiffener not only affects the overall fin rigidity, but also allows divers to alter colors for individual styling. Each fin comes standard with black stiffeners on the fin and Indigo blue stiffeners as an included option. Stiffeners are also available in aqua blue, nitrous green, hot pink and carbon grey as a purchased option. The stiffeners will come standard with medium flex but will be offered in a rigid-hard or mild-Soft durometer. Spring heel straps will also be available options.

"The idea of a modular fin design is what truly sparked the ideas and characteristics of Indigo's line of fins. The idea of giving divers multiple options for customization and needs with one fin was our teams' ultimate goal, thus conceiving the ultimate fin. We believe that dive fins should become an extension of the diver. The ability to customize the fin with respect to how rigid it is, what type of foot pocket is used on a given dive, and the type of fin itself provides the diver with choices for any given dive. Indigo Industries engineering team is determined to take SCUBA products to a higher level and expand the range of what is possible."

-- Ranch Pratt, CEO, Indigo Industries.

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