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January 07, 2016 04:33 ET

Indium Market Uncertainty Will Not Overshadow Its Positive Prospects, Says Merchant Research & Consulting in Its Topical Study

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - January 07, 2016) - Indium lies within the group of rare-earth metals with high-tech applicability (mainly in the form of indium tin oxide or ITO), including flat-panel display screens, LCD devices, LED lights, photovoltaic cells, alloys, complex compounds (e.g. indium gallium nitride), etc. As such, indium shares some common market dynamics and typical economic patterns characteristic of analogous strategic technology-driven materials.

Among these commonalities, one can single out the following: traditionally volatile price behaviour; prevalent supply issues; dependence on technological innovations at all stages from mining to recycling (the latter is usually an important source of such metals as indium); sensitivity to top-down restrictions and incentives (e.g. regulations of rare metal exports imposed by China or EU / policies to reduce carbon emissions which foster the development of solar energy devices, which act as vital outlets for rare-earths); availability of substitutes, which struggle for competitive advantage.

In conjunction with the above, the current drop in indium prices totally fits into the logic of indium price volatility. For example, the Chinese indium market, which accounts for 51% of world indium output, has recently entered the turbulent period thanks to adverse macroeconomic situations and specifically the crisis at the Fanya minor metals exchange in China. However, price volatility and possible supply uncertainties could hardly significantly affect the state of the indium market. Indium's main application area in thin-film coatings for TV screens requires only a modicum of indium to be used in each TV panel, thus largely offsetting indium price fluctuations. This effectively combats other indium alternatives and also makes it a highly attractive material for this end-market.

Recent commitments to curtail carbon emissions, expressed at the Paris climate change conference, may boost the development of photovoltaic technologies [e.g., copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) solar cells], which provide a growing sector for indium consumption and improve indium market status.

More information on the performance of the global indium market is available in the topical research report "Indium: 2015 World Market Review and Forecast" worked out by Merchant Research & Consulting Ltd.

Report Details:

Title: Indium: 2015 World Market Review and Forecast
Date: Sep, 2015 
Pages: 73
Price: US$1,550.00

This research study gives deep insights into the current performance of the world indium market along with an overview of the historical development of the market and a set of forecasts for the future development of the market. The report sheds light on the key market aspects, discusses the hottest issues, examines driving and restraining market growth, outlines future opportunities and challenges as well as presents comprehensive analysis of the prevailing and emerging trends. Moreover, a detailed analysis of the competitive environment and profiles of the major market participants are at hand in the report.

Report Scope:

  • deep analysis of the global indium market: description of the current situation, historical insights and future forecasts;
  • overview of the market trends, opportunities and challenges;
  • analysis of the market dynamics (drivers and restraints);
  • review of the regulative environment;
  • examination of the competitive landscape and top companies' profiles;
  • updated statistics on supply, demand, production capacity, imports, exports and prices;
  • assessment of the indium market performance at the global, regional and country scales;
  • etc.

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