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April 23, 2012 06:00 ET

Industrial Crane End Trucks End Rumblings of Ruin on Industrial Plant Infrastructure, WVSN Reports

MANHEIM, PA--(Marketwire - Apr 23, 2012) - Overhead industrial cranes commonly used to move heavy loads in industrial process applications may be contributing to the ruin of industrial plant-building structures according to Bret Lussow, Business Development Sales Manager for Harrington Hoists, Inc.

During an interview on WVSN Reports, Bret explained, "Many overhead crane systems use flanged wheels for beam traversing that can cause extensive wear on beam surfaces due to friction and vibration that come from a ride that is not smooth enough for heavy loads. Overhead rumblings are a common workplace nuisance for noise pollution. On the factory floor, they can impair the safety of human communication in the event of emergency, as well as mental fatigue from the constant rumbling and grinding of material movement.

"Noisy cranes are like working under a freight train all day," said Lussow. "If movement isn't smooth, eventually that stress will do damage to the runway structure it's riding on, as well as to gear boxes and motors. Harrington's revolutionary technology eliminates all those common problems on industrial crane systems.

"What's really different is our guide roller design: flangeless wheels that reduce friction due to heavy-duty side guide rollers resulting in smoother crane travel. This also includes two helical gear reducers and drives that are smooth, quiet and equipped with thermal protection. These bearing-supported rollers move in conjunction with the cranes as they move down the beam, thus giving a smooth, quiet ride that affects everything positively for production.

"So many people think cranes are complicated to install; at Harrington, our goal is to make everything easy for the crane end-user. When one of our crane systems goes out, the customer has everything they need for easy installation and years of maintenance-friendly service. Harringtons' 'Crane Kit' comes with everything: bridge beam, end truck, hoist and all the drawings, including the wiring package. The most fundamental benefit is the peace of mind of Harrington quality; whether your business is fabrication, machining, die-handling or production, you know you are among the industry elite that has joined the Harrington revolution."

Harrington Hoists, Inc. is one of America's oldest manufacturing concerns, dating back to the 1800s.

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