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July 25, 2011 06:00 ET

Industrial Financial Recovery Economics Could Very Well Be Dependent on Outwitting The Devil: WVSN Reports a 1938 Lost Manuscript Now Available

DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - Jul 25, 2011) - American industrial economic pundits are praising the valued wisdom of a 1938 lost manuscript written by famed industrial motivational author Napoleon Hill. Outwitting The Devil* could help bring an end to the financial woes of American industry, according to Don Green, Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, who made a recent appearance on WVSN Reports, Industry Visions.

Green suggests there is a direct link between national fear and economic declivity in the American industrial sector. He promotes the theory that a return to Napoleon Hill's philosophies could get the country back on track. Napoleon Hill began developing his science of success after a 1908 meeting with industrialist Andrew Carnegie who commissioned Hill to discover the forces that shaped men of greatness. After years of interviewing men such as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Firestone and others, Napoleon Hill concluded that success began with what later became coined as 'positive thinking.' Hill's classic masterpiece, Think and Grow Rich, written in 1937 became the template of modern motivational thinking with the premise that "Whatever a man can conceive and believe he can achieve."

Outwitting The Devil is the latest publication of a Napoleon Hill work, a 1938 manuscript that was never published for fear that it was too controversial. In the book, Hill is critical of the culture of fear promulgated by American churches and educational institutions that frighten children with the devil as a tangible entity, giving credence to fear.

In this never-before-published manuscript, Hill has a fantastical conversation with the devil himself who reveals his secrets of keeping humanity in bondage. During the interview, Hill is commanded to refer to the devil as 'Your Majesty,' due to the great influence he has in the world; at times the devil balks at surrendering his secrets but is forced to answer because Hill has the power of truth.

Outwitting The Devil peals back the layers of fear exposing the sources of cultural influences in negative thinking. "This book is a must read for our times," said Green. "Economic fears have this country paralyzed in the sloughs of hopelessness created by the devil of a man-made mental hell. Napoleon Hill witnessed, in his lifetime, the greatest accomplishments by men of humble beginnings to power and success." Our perceptions become our realities; if we think we have a bad economy we will!

Forbes Magazine, Forbes Focus Innovation Rules (Publisher Rich Karlgaard), wrote of Outwitting The Devil: "If we are created in God's image, then we are born to create and to create is to prosper. In June a previously unpublished Napoleon manuscript titled Outwitting The Devil will be released; I have read it and recommend it."

Outwitting The Devil is climbing fast on the Amazon motivational self-help sector; Visit or for complete information.

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* Annotated and edited for a contemporary audience by Rich Dad Poor Dad and Three Feet from Gold co-author Sharon Lechter, this book is profound, powerful, resonant, and rich with insight.

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