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April 18, 2011 06:00 ET

Industrial Insulation Sub-Grade Materials Which Threaten Thermal Performance and Safety at World Industrial Plants, WVSN Reports

DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - Apr 18, 2011) - Industrial insulation thermal performance and safety concerns have been elevated to higher levels of priority in the theater of worldwide industrial projects, according to Steve Oslica, Marketing Director of Pittsburgh Corning, in a recent appearance on the Industry Visions Industrial News show, WVSN Reports.

"The elevation of these concerns about thermal performance and safety are due to less than ideal industrial insulation material selection. New 'start-up' insulation companies are claiming to produce materials that achieve generally accepted thermal performance standards for industrial processes, when in reality they do not. When plant operators are struggling to cut cost they become vulnerable to substandard substitutions (improperly described as 'value engineering') as a cost effective alternative.

"Industrial process engineers who have accepted substandard insulation have instead discovered failures of process control and safety issues. One project manager discovered they were faced with 40% thicker coverage to maintain their required service temperatures, and the thermal analysis also revealed the determent would have been catastrophic to the plants process control. This instance is just one of the many long term consequences of improperly selected cellular glass insulation.

"FOAMGLAS® insulation has been solving industrial problems for over 60 years, and is considered the premier reliability brand of cellular glass. Pittsburgh Corning has established the testing standards that are recognized globally in the field of cellular glass manufacturing.

"Pittsburgh Corning continues to lead the field with time-tested and proven thermal performance and an unparalleled safety record, with all the services that go beyond just the product. Pittsburgh Corning's manufacturing standards require a constant monitoring of our glass batch which produces consistency of results. In addition, when design conditions are analyzed for optimum system selection, our field engineers make sure that the quality product and the quality system are lined up to meet the project requirements each and every time. Our worldwide support services are without peer, with application assistance, project start up planning, and post construction inspection. When plant managers specify FOAMGLAS® insulation, they can be assured of on-time delivery from one of our five manufacturing facilities around the world, and that the product will arrive in good order."

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