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February 21, 2012 06:00 ET

Industrial Trade Show Convention Planners Applaud New Social Media Radio Concept in High Energy Sales Training Speech

DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - Feb 21, 2012) - The social media explosion for industrial trade show convention planners has become very helpful in boosting attendance at functions across the nation; however, trying to keep pace with expert speakers in the field that brings pertinent new selling approaches to the world of industry in social media has not.

Speakers continue to be the centerpiece of industrial trade show events, but with the tight economy, organizations are demanding an ever greater 'bang for the buck' for motivation that translates into new sales revenue. Social Media Radio Broadcasting is the new kid on the block that offers convention goers new horizons in selling techniques that establish instant human relationships in industry with new clients they are trying to sell.

The social media radio concept and stage presentation are the brain children of Allyn Mark, a former 'top-40' radio disc jockey known from his syndicated rock 'n roll radio days as "Crazy Al." With more than four decades of on-air experience, high energy broadcast personality Allyn Mark is delighting trade show attendees on the corporate stages of the nation. His extensive background in broadcast sales management makes him a cutting edge expert in the changing fortunes of sales growth shaped by today's hyper communications. Considered a pioneer in social media radio broadcasting, Allyn Mark is the president and CEO of Social Media Radio Inc., a broadcast consulting firm that establishes individual web-based radio stations for industrial concerns. Utilizing the template of a successful rock 'n roll radio show, he demonstrates the undisputable power of the social media radio platform he has developed to melt sales barriers and establish instant human relationships with new business clients. This one-of-a-kind rock 'n roll radio show, delivered live on stage, entertains and instructs on Allyn's theories of selling in the intangible world of imagination that creates the scientific and spiritual realm
he terms: The Power Of The Third.

In a recent interview on WVSN Reports, Allyn spoke of the power of Social Media Radio Broadcasting Radio. "It duplicates the human mechanism of communication," said Mark. "One of the biggest problems industry has in selling is a lack of human relationships. It's as though selling is replaced with 'engineering speak.' Industry has forgotten the art of selling because everything has become nuts and bolts! Industry has fallen into the trap of losing their imaginative approach to human interaction.

"With the advent of hyper speed communication, industry has simply lost the art of forming human relationships. Basically, today's communications are preventing human connections. How To Top The Sales Charts And Dissolve Sales Barriers When Life Becomes A Rock 'N Roll Radio Show is a trade show keynote speech that is a must for any industrial sales organization that desires greater sales and instant client relationships."

Allyn Mark currently hosts the national industrial news show WVSN Reports that airs via Marketwire and is distributed by Associated Press (AP) to the nation's major television networks, newspapers, trade journals, and financial web portals.

Convention event planners, hotel convention planners, or industrial trade show event planners may contact Industry Visions for a complimentary radio interview on this year's events.

For information on Social Media Radio Broadcasting contact Allyn Mark at, or call him at 810.358.6224.

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