SOURCE: Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County

July 09, 2008 18:19 ET

Industries Honored for Being "Good Corporate Citizens"

WHITTIER, CA--(Marketwire - July 9, 2008) - Certificates of Recognition were sent to 459 companies by the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County for being "good corporate citizens" for the year 2007. These companies were consistent in their compliance with all their industrial wastewater discharge requirements in 2007. They met their limits for wastewater discharge, they were free from any notices of violation, they maintained their environmental equipment and they fulfilled their permit requirements. Seventy-four of the companies have received this recognition consecutively for the last five or more years.

"As far as we're concerned, the 459 industries receiving certificates are our model citizens," notes Steve Maguin, Chief Engineer and General Manager of the Sanitation Districts. "We appreciate their effort because it makes our job of running a huge wastewater collection and treatment system so much easier." Mr. Maguin announced the certificate awardees at the meetings of the Boards of Directors of the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County.

"We hope this will continue to be an award that is sought after by industry and recognized by the public," notes Sam Bell, Vice President of Metal Surfaces, Inc., of Bell Gardens and chair of the Industry Advisory Council. "It provides further incentive for companies to meet Districts' limits and regulations. The Sanitation Districts have always worked closely with industry, and recognizing industry for conscientious compliance is a further step to encourage companies to comply with regulations and protect the environment."

Paul Martyn, head of the Sanitation Districts' Industrial Waste Section, adds that the monitoring, inspection and compliance records of these facilities were carefully checked to verify that every requirement was met during the year.

The idea for the Certificates of Recognition originated with the Sanitation Districts' Industry Advisory Council, an advisory group of 18 representatives from different industrial sectors. The Council and the Sanitation Districts felt it was important that industries with good compliance records be recognized. The Recognition Program is now in its twelfth year.

"This is a great example of private industry working with regulators for economic and environmental benefits," said Ron Wood, President and CEO of the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership. "Their determination and innovation show that we can have a diverse and growing economy while maintaining our quality of life."

"The Districts hope this Recognition Program will further strengthen the relationship of government and industry working together for a better environment and a sustaining economy," added Paul Martyn.

The Sanitation Districts are a partnership of independent special districts serving over 5 million people in 78 cities and the unincorporated territory within Los Angeles County. The Sanitation Districts provide environmentally sound, cost effective wastewater and solid waste management, and in the process convert waste into resources such as reclaimed water, energy, and recycled materials.

List of Industries Recognized for Compliance with Wastewater Discharge Requirements for 2007


Pemaco Metal Processing Corp. (3)
Southern California Edison Co.


Calco Farms, Inc. (4)
Danco Metal Surfacing (3)
Los Angeles Turf Club, Inc. (2)
Siwave, Inc. (4)


Thrifty Oil Co.


BFI Waste System of North America, Inc.
Cardinal Laboratories, Inc. (3)
Criterion Catalyst Co., LP
Kemac Technology, Inc. (3)
M & S Lighting
Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems (5)
Reichhold, Inc. (4)
Rick's Radiator (3)
S & S Foods (3)
Universal Metal Polishing (4)
Veolia ES Technical Solutions (7)
Wynn Oil Co. (3)

Baldwin Park

Arroyo Craftsman Lighting, Inc. (4)
Miyako Oriental Foods (3)


ExxonMobil Oil Corp.
Gaston & Associates

Bell Gardens

Certi-Fresh Foods, Inc.
Wei-Chuan U.S.A., Inc.


Culligan Water Conditioning of Orange Cnty.
ExxonMobil Oil Corp. (2)
Mac's Radiator (4)
Pacific Coast Washing
Shell Oil Products US


Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (4)
Avalon Glass & Mirror Co. (3)
Barton Brand Limited (2)
Bubalus Bubalis (2)
Carson Cogeneration Co. (Site 1) (4)
Carson Cogeneration Co. (Site 2) (8)
ConocoPhillips Co. (3)
Coronet Manufacturing Co., Inc. (3)
Dae Won, Inc. (3)
Daico Industries, Inc. (7)
Giuliano's Delicatessen & Bakery
Huck International, Inc. (2)
Mrs. Beasleys Bakery, LLC (2)
Nalco Co. (2)
Prudential Overall Supply (5)
Research Tool & Die Works, Inc. (4)
Shell Oil Products US
Stauffer Management Co. (3)
Texollini, Inc. (4)
West Basin Municipal Water District
West Coast Aerospace, Inc. (6)
Western Tube and Conduit Corp. (5)


Garner Glass Co. (8)
Green Spot Packaging, Inc. (4)


Adel Wiggins Group (6)
Air Louvers/Samson Products
American International Industries (2)
Amvac Chemical Corp. (4)
Apex Drum Co., Inc. (4)
ASCO Sintering Co. (4)
Atlas Carpet Mills (3)
Atlas Testing Laboratories, Inc. (4)
Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Co. (4)
Engineered Polymer Solutions
Fleming Metal Fabricators (4)
Graphic Press, Inc.
Huhtamaki Consumer Packaging-West, Inc. (6)
Lafayette Textile Industries, LLC (4)
Newark Pacific Paperboard Corp. (4)
Pressure Systems, Inc.
Progressive Produce Corp.
Prudential Overall Supply
Ramcar Battery, Inc. (8)
Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.
Sterling Pacific Meat Co., Inc.
Univar USA, Inc. (2)
Valley Plating Works, Inc.
Wire-Tech, Inc.


AAA Plating & Inspection (3)
Accurate Anodizing, Inc. (5)
Akiyama Tsukemono California, Inc. (2)
Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority (5)
ConAgra Foods Packaged Foods, Inc. (3)
Dameron Alloy Foundries, Inc. (8)
Demenno Kerdoon
E. M. E., Inc.
Head West, Inc.
Magnesium Alloy Products Co. (2)
Morrell's Electro Plating, Inc. (2)
Plascolite West, Inc. (3)
Ralphs Grocery Co.
S & K Plating, Inc.
Sierra Cheese Manufacturing Co., Inc. (8)
Spectrum Laboratories, Inc.
Vista Coatings, Inc. (3)

Unincorporated L.A. County

FS Precision Tech LLC (2)
MGH Gourmet, Inc. (6)
Monico Alloys
Pacific Continental Textiles, Inc.


John W. Potter, Inc. (8)
Vita-Pakt Citrus Products Co. (3)


Consolidated Foundries, Inc. (4)


Amapola Market & Deli (2)
JS Premium Laundry, Inc.
Kirkhill Manufacturing Co. (5)


Pacific Scientific HTL/Kin Tech Division

El Monte

Anzon Co., Inc. (2)
Diana's Mexican Food Products, Inc. (3)
Harlow Plating (6)
Los Angeles County MTA (3)
Micro Gage (5)
Navcom Defense Electronics, Inc. (4)
Precision Metal Finishing

El Segundo

Raytheon Co. (3)
Tri Star Electronics Intl., Inc. (3)


Advanced Machine & Stretchform Intl., Inc.
Angelus Plating Works (3)
Caitac Garment Processing, Inc.
Chromalloy Los Angeles (6)
Coast Plating (2)
Foremost Enameling Co., Inc. (4)
Hitco Carbon Composites, Inc. (7)
Maneri Sign Co., Inc. (3)
Matsui International Co., Inc. (3)
Nissin Foods (USA) Co., Inc. (4)
P B Fasteners (2)
Risvolds, Inc.
Standard Metal Products, Inc. (3)
Superior Metal Finishing (4)
Sweet Ovations, LLC
The Source Group, Inc.

Unincorporated L.A. County

Coast Plating, Inc. (2)
International Die Casting, Inc. (4)
Swift-Cor Aerospace, Inc. (4)
TP Industrial, Inc.


Hallmark Metals, Inc. (2)

Hawaiian Gardens

Shell Oil Products, USA


American Apparel Dyeing & Finishing, Inc.
ConocoPhillips Co.
OSI Optoelectronics, Inc. (4)
Teledyne Relays (3)
Thrifty Oil Co.

Huntington Park

Aircraft X-Ray Laboratories, Inc. (4)
Hi-Grade Food Distributors (3)
Wire Guard Systems (8)


Alcoa Global Fasteners, Inc. (3)
Allfast Fastening Sys., Inc.
Alta-Dena Certified Dairy, Inc.
Alum-A-Fold Pacific, Inc. (2)
Bentley Prince Street, Inc. (3)
Best Formulations
Bomark, Inc. (2)
Cacique, Inc. (4)
Earth Textile Development, LLC
Emtek Products, Inc.
Fleur de Lait West (3)
Henkel Corp. (3)
Hoo Come Corp. (4)
Indalex, Inc.
Kim Lighting, Inc. (3)
Langer Juice Co., Inc. (2)
Lee Kum Kee USA Foods, Inc.
Los Altos Food Products, Inc. (2)
PAC Foundries Industries (2)
Pactiv Corp. (Proctor Ave.) (5)
Pactiv Corp. (San Jose Ave.) (4)
Physicians Formula Cosmetics, Inc.
Quemetco West, LLC (2)
Rapid Rack Industries, Inc. (3)
Shell Oil Products US (3)
Sonoco Products Co. (5)
Teknor Apex Co.-Maclin Division (8)


Chromplate Co. (4)
Goodman Food Products, Inc. (2)
Hollywood Park, LLC
Rho-Chem Corp. (3)
Royal Airline Linen, Inc. (3)
Unocal Corp.
Zephyr Manufacturing Co., Inc.


Bimeda, Inc. (2)
Breeders Choice Pet Food, Inc.
California Custom Fruits and Flavors, Inc. (3)
Lovin Oven, LLC
Royal Solutions, Inc.

La Mirada

AirGas Specialty Products
Airport Fabrication, Inc. (2)
Architectural Area Lighting (3)
Babcock, Inc. (5)
Oakite Products, Inc. (4)
ConocoPhillips Co.
Coyle Reproduction, Inc. (4)
Golden Kraft Corrugated
Rohn and Haas Chemicals, LLC
Suburban Water Systems (4)

La Puente

Sigma Plating Co.
Size Control Plating (5)
Thrifty Oil Co., Station No. 306

Unincorporated L.A. County

Shell Oil Products US

La Verne

PRS Industries, Inc. (3)


ExxonMobil Oil Corp.
Shell Oil Products US (2)


Challenger Memorial Youth Center
Mission Linen & Uniform Service (4)


Atlantic Richfield Co. (2)

Long Beach

Antique Metal Finishing (2)
Asphalt Products Oil Corp. (2)
Cal Bumper Co., Inc. (5)
Crosby & Overton, Inc.
Eversoft, Inc. (3)
ExxonMobil Oil Corp. (2)
Fine Quality Metal Finishing (3)
Foasberg Laundry & Cleaners (6)
G&M Oil Co., Inc. (2)
Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.
Joy Processed Foods, Inc. (4)
Long Beach Water Department (4)
Lubeco, Inc. (5)
Maruhide Marine Products, Inc. (6)
Oil Operators, Inc. (2)
Pacific Energy Resources (5)
Petro-Diamond Terminal Co. (5)
Quality Aluminum Forge
Republic Master Chefs
Shell Oil Products US
SRI / Surgical Express (4)
Stapleton Technologies, Inc. (2)
Talco Plastics, Inc. (3)
Thrifty Oil Co.
Thums Long Beach Co. (5)

Los Angeles

Ace Clearwater Enterprises (3)
Alloys Cleaning, Inc. (3)
Ashland Chemical Co.
California Coil Processors (2)
Commercial Plating & Engineering Corp., Inc.
Dolores Canning Co., Inc. (2)
El A Caterers, Inc.
George Industries, Inc.
Jessie Lord Bakery LLC
Old Country Millwork, Inc. (3)
Radiant Services Corp. (7)
Sunrider Manufacturing, LP
Swisstex California, Inc. (3)
Univar USA, Inc. (4)
Universal Surface Technology, Inc.

Unincorporated L.A. County

B & C Plating Co. (6)
Blue River Denim, Inc.
Harland M. Braun & Co. (2)
Mighty Soy, Inc. (8)
Pentair (2)
Pro-Dye & Finishing
Sanders Service, Inc. (3)
Southern California Gas Co. (2)
Sta-Brite Ano (7)
Verne's Chrome Plating, Inc. (8)


Cargill, Inc.
Century Regional Detention Center
DV Industries, Inc. (3)
Hexion Specialty Chemicals (2)
Shell Oil Products, US (2)

Manhattan Beach

Northrop Grumman Space & Mission Systems


3M Unitek Corp.
Jan-Kens Enameling Co. (4)


Georgia Pacific Corp
Industrial Container Services-CA., LLC (2)
Le Chef Bakery (2)
Minson Corp. (2)
Southern California Gas Co. (3)

Monterey Park

Aero-Powder Coating, Inc. (8)
Kotura, Inc. (6)
L. C. Miller Co. (6)
New Cure, Inc. (3)


ExxonMobil Corp.


Lockheed Martin Aeronautics (Site 2) (6)
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics (Site 7) (4)
The Boeing Co.


Braun Towel & Linen Service Co.
Carlton Forge Works
Durkee Testing Laboratories (2)
Jayone Foods, Inc.
Leavitt's Metal Finishing (2)
S T & I, Inc.
Shell Oil Products US


Avery Research Center (8)
Dy-Dee Service of Pasadena, Inc.
Jet Propulsion Laboratories (2)
Normandy Refinishers, Inc.

Pico Rivera

Ionics Ultrapure Water Corp.
Krieger Specialty Products (3)
Lubricating Specialties Co. (2)
Manning Beef (2)
W. F. Scott and Co., Inc. (2)


Consolidated Foundries Pomona (2)
Hamilton Sunstrand (5)
Hehr Glass Co. (4)
K. C. Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (8)
Ripon Cogeneration, LLC (2)
Structural Composites Industries

Rancho Dominguez

Laclede, Inc. (2)

Redondo Beach

Hollywood Riviera Car Wash


Harry's Radiator Shop (4)
Hermetic Seal Corp. (5)
Huy Fong Foods, Inc. (3)
Remedy Radiator (3)
San Gabriel Valley Water Co.

San Dimas

Gilead Sciences (Cliffside Dr.) (3)
Life Enhancing Products (2)
Organic Milling Corp.
Western Pacific Storage Systems, Inc. (2)

San Gabriel

SoCal Uniform Rental (2)

Santa Clarita

Bocchi Laboratories, Inc. (4)
Cinetech, Inc. (3)
Delta Printing Solutions
Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products (2)
ExxonMobil Oil Corp.
Polycarbon, Inc. (3)
Stoll Metalcraft, Inc. (3)
TA Manufacturing Co. (2)

Unincorporated L.A. County

DA/PRO Rubber, Inc. (5)

Santa Fe Springs

Atlas Precious Metals, Inc.
Basic Chemical Solutions, LLC
Blair Adhesive Products, Inc. (3)
Brown Pacific Wire, Inc. (2)
Continental Heat Treating, Inc.
Crockett Container Corp.
Electromatic, Inc. (6)
Golden West Refining Co.
Greve Financial Services, Inc.
Hamrock, Inc. (4)
Hexacomb Corp.
Holiday Porcelain-Bregin (3)
I-Coat Co., LLC
ITW CIP Stampings
Liberty Vegetable Oil Co. (3)
Orange County Nameplate Co., Inc.
Pilot Chem. Co.
Precision Tube Bending (3)
Rich Products Corp. (3)
Sonic Plating Co., Inc.
Special "T" Water Systems (3)
Swift Pork Co. (2)
Temple-Inland (2)
Western Syrup Co.
Whiting Enterprises, Inc. (2)

Signal Hill

Artistic Silver Plating
Hof's Hut Commissary (3)
Oil Operators, Inc. (2)
R D Mathis Co. (3)
Siemens Water Technologies

South El Monte

Abacus Powder Coating (2)
April Lighting Co., Inc. (2)
Detoronics Corp. (8)
Ditty Container
Mil-Spec Plating Corp. (2)
Therm-O-Finishing, Inc. (3)
Vacco Industries (8)

South Gate

Astro Aluminum Treating Co., Inc. (8)
Edson Industries (8)
Hon Co. (2)
International Window Corp. (2)
Jin Yong International Co.
Johns Manville (2)
Koo's Manufacturing, Inc. (2)
Marquez-Marquez Food Products, Inc.
Omini Foods Manufacturer
Rainbow Powder Coating, Inc.
Shell Oil Products US (4)
South Gate Foods
United States Gypsum Co.


Alcoa Global Fasteners, Inc. (2)
Ball Corp. (2)
Boeing Satellite Systems, Inc. (2)
Dow Chemical, USA (6)
G C Aero, Inc. (3)
General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies, Inc.
M/A-Com/Tyco Electronics
Naturalife Eco Vite Laboratories (2)
Photo Sciences, Inc. (5)
Polypeptide Laboratories, Inc.
Robinson Helicopter Co., Inc. (8)
Shell Oil Products US
Union Carbide Corp. (4)
Virco Manufacturing Corp. (2)
Water Replenishment District of So. Cal.
Yamaya USA, Inc. (2)
Younger Optics Manufacturer

Unincorporated L.A. County

Stewart Filmscreen Corp.


Mannkind Corp.


A & G Engraving, Inc. (2)
Aerojet-General Corp.-Norris Operation
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (5)
Allied Feather & Down Corp. (8)
Ameripride Uniform Services
Angelus Sanitary Can Machine Co.
Arcadia, Inc. (3)
Artic Glacier Vernon
Barksdale, Inc. (4)
C. R. Laurence Co. (3)
Camino Real Foods, Inc.
Christensen Plating Works, Inc. (8)
City of Vernon
Coast Packing Co. (3)
Engineered Applications
ExxonMobil Oil Corp. (4)
Fantasy Dyeing and Finishing (2)
Fisherman's Pride Processing, Inc. (5)
Gardner-Gibson, Inc.
J & J Snack Foods Corp. of CA. (2)
King Meat, Inc. (3)
Kroger Co. (3)
Mrs. Gooch's Natural Food Markets, Inc. (2)
Norman, Fox & Co.
OFI Markesa International
Overhill Farms, Inc. (3)
Pabco Paper Products
Packaging Corp. of America (5)
Papa Cantella's Inc. (5)
Randall Foods, Inc.
Reynaldo's Mexican Food Co., LLC
Rite-Way Meat Packers, Inc. (7)
Self Industries, Inc. (2)
Siemens Water Technologies
Southland Box Co.
Southwest Processors, Inc. (4)
Sterigenics US, LLC
Tempo Industries, Inc. (2)
West Coast Rendering Co. (2)
Wimatex, Inc. (3)
Yonekyu U.S.A, Inc. (4)


City of Whittier - Savage Canyon Landfill (8)
Jack's Radiator Service (8)
Tool and Jig Plating Co., Inc. (2)

Unincorporated L.A. County

Cintas Corp. No. (3) (2)
Quaker City Plating (5)


City of Los Angeles
BP West Coast Products LLC (5)
Praxair, Inc. (3)

Industrial Dischargers within Inland Empire Utilities Agency


Reliant Energy Etiwanda, LLC (2)


California Steel Industries, Inc. (8)


Cintas Corp.
Coca-Cola North America (5)
Crothall Services Group, Inc. (4)
Nestle Waters North America
Praxair Corporation-Hydrogen Plant (3)
Temple-Inland (8)
Unitech Services Group, Inc.

Rancho Cucamonga

Frito-Lay, Inc. (2)
Metal Coaters of CA., Inc.

2 thru 8 = Consecutive Years in Compliance