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Method123 Ltd

September 06, 2010 11:15 ET

Industry Leader Method123 Has Just Released Their New Change Management Process Project Template

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Sept. 6, 2010) - Method123 announced today that they have released their newest template offering – the Change Management Process.

This new Change Management Process template becomes part of their overall Project Management Template offering in the flagship Project Management Kit product. The Project Management Kit has sold more than 1 million units to project management users worldwide, making Method123 one of the heavy hitters in the online project management software arena.

"Scope changes are inevitable on nearly every project. The organization that is not ready to handle change on their projects is going to see high percentages of their projects go over budget and way off schedule due to unchecked scope creep," states Jason Westland, CEO and president of Method123 Ltd. "Proactively having a change management process in place is your best defense and our new template release can help you set that up."

The Change Management Process defines how project scope will be managed, how change will be requested and initiated, how the change requests will be documented and approved, and how change on projects will be implemented. Without these key processes spelled out in detail, project managers can quickly lose control of their projects.

Demanding customers are often requesting work to be done that really falls outside the original scope of the work to be performed. In an effort to please the customer, project teams will often not question the customer and give them what they want. If the change management process is spelled out in detail at the beginning of the project then the customer understands and expects to pay for these scope changes.

Using the Change Management Process, the project manager will be able to:

  • Carefully manage the overall scope for the project
  • Identify potential needs for change requests
  • Create and track change requests to send to the customer
  • Control how change requests are documented
  • Manage the change approval process
  • Manage the overall change process and implementation of the approved change

The Change Management Process – like all Method123 templates – contains helpful tips and hints for completing the necessary documents and change requests. Detailed instructions are included to help even the most inexperienced managers successfully complete the documentation. Pre-filled in sections and charts further enhance the usability of this very full featured template.

"No project should start without detailed plans on how to manage change already in place. Those details need to be laid out for the customer at the very beginning of the Project Planning process," says Westland. "Our template will help you create the necessary documentation and process to successfully manage scope change hand in hand with your team and customer."

A well managed project involves good scope control and good scope control requires a good Change Management Process. This new template will become a critical piece of your Project Management Methodology as you move forward on your project.

For more information on the Change Management Process or the overall Project Management Kit product offering, please visit Method123's website at

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