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Preo Software Inc.

March 01, 2012 10:00 ET

Industry Leaders Announce Coalition to Transform Managed Print Services Business

Partners deliver on promise of making end-user data ubiquitous

Industry leaders Supplies Network, Preo Software (TSX VENTURE:PKM), FMAudit, and NewField IT, today announced a coalition with a goal of transforming the practice of Managed Print Services. Effective use of end-user data and insights has been recognized as the next major wave in MPS by leading industry analysts. However, for a variety of reasons, this has been a promise, with no wide-spread scalable solution available to the industry.

To solve this problem, these four industry-leaders have combined their strengths to develop innovative solutions that deliver the promise of end-user information as an integral part of a MPS engagement. They have solved barriers and complexities at multiple points in the MPS engagement process, such as: a flexible and affordable source of end-user data, installation of MPS tools, inefficient assessments, integrated proposal development, deal creation, and ongoing management. The benefits improve every phase of the MPS process, including Assessment, Design & Optimization, Change Management, and On-Going Management. Resellers and OEMs now have access to the tools to transform their MPS program by improving pre-sales efficiency, winning more deals, and growing profitably.

"This announcement clearly fills several MPS solutions gaps," said Randall Dazo, Director, Network Document Solutions & Managed Print Services at InfoTrends, "These kinds of channel solutions enable a much-needed new level of MPS productivity and simplicity."

Examples of the new integrated solutions include:

  1. Recognizing the need for an affordable but comprehensive entry-level user data product, Preo has unbundled its product line to create a highly affordable data-only SKU, which is priced on a per-device basis, consistent with the industry accepted model. Supplies Network will now bundle this end user data SKU into its CPI (Cost-Per-Image) program at no additional charge. In addition, for non-contract devices, SN will offer this SKU on per-device pricing. This innovative business model allows Resellers to benefit from Preo's extensive end-user data and reporting capability, at price levels similar to current device-management software tools, removing a significant barrier to adoption.

    "After listening carefully to our strategic partners, Preo is excited to be able to offer a key ingredient to finally making end-user data widely adopted in the MPS industry", said Gary McCone, CEO, Preo Software Inc.

  1. With FMAudit's new Deployer® solution, installation of both FMAudit and Preo in the customer's environment is streamlined via a single user interface, ensuring both device AND end user data are easily accessible during the assessment period, as well as during the ongoing management of the fleet. This single install process pushes the Dealers Suite of MPS Tools to the end-users desktops removing the installation burden for both end user and resellers. Supplies Network will include the Deployer in all FMAudit and Preo installations.

    "Installation complexities are one of the dealers' biggest obstacles" stated Kevin Tetu, President of FMAudit. "Our team has collaborated with Supplies Network on a solution to ease their pain. Our new Deployer achieves this objective with our own Desktop Agent and in addition, it extends the capability to our new partner, Preo Software."

  1. With a single file extract from Supplies Network's patent-pending 360 Plus® Database uploaded into NewField IT's Asset DB® solution, both device and end user data are imported via ONE .csv file, enabling resellers to see ALL devices in the environment, including local printers (not just networked devices or those with SNMP reporting capability), ALL end user printing behavior, AND the relationships between those two data sets in a simple, visually compelling way. For the first time resellers and their clients can see the productivity impact device placement can have on workforce efficiencies.

    Furthermore, Asset DB can now be used to conduct and communicate on-going client reviews (such as Quarterly Business Reviews), measure and monitor progress on both device and end-user optimization actions, and make further improvement recommendations.

    "As the pioneers of a floor plan based toolset, we constantly strive to improve the decision-making capability of our visual based approach and this is an exciting new step with major industry providers" commented Robert Newry, Managing Director and Co-Founder NewField IT.

  1. Supplies Network's mpsSELECT program will now include the Preo data-only SKU, FMAudit's Deployer and the 360 Plus® combined data file, resulting in the most comprehensive MPS program for the channel. It addresses the entire spectrum of MPS needs, from cost-effective initial Assessment of device and user environments, proposal and design tools which balance device costs and user productivity, page-coverage measurement, supplies fulfillment, and on-going management.

    Commenting on this announcement, Doug Johnson, Senior Vice President of Managed Print Services, Supplies Network said "While many industry analysts have well described the benefits of integrating end user data in MPS engagements for better environment visibility, accuracy, and workflow efficiency, in practice this has been difficult, if not impossible, for most resellers. This combined effort of four market-leading MPS solution providers will go a long way in solving the problem of accessing and utilizing end user data in the development and management of MPS engagements."

Further details of the products/service offerings referred to in this announcement are available from the respective companies.

About Supplies Network

Supplies Network is the largest privately owned wholesaler of IT consumables in the U.S. An early innovator of Managed Print Services, the company leverages top industry talent, a robust IT-development team with experience in packaging SaaS services, and relationships with all segments of the print-provider value chain including major supplies manufacturers and resellers. In addition to being a leader in print management, Supplies Network specializes in IT supplies, equipment and data storage media from 70 leading manufacturers. One- and two-day UPS ground delivery is available to 99% of the U.S. population. To speak with a sales representative, visit or call 800-729-9300.

About Preo™ Software

Preo™ Software Inc. is the market leader in providing Print Knowledge Management Systems to enterprises, select OEMs, and Managed Print Services providers around the world. Printelligence™, the company's award winning flagship cloud-based offering, helps organizations understand employees print behavior, and empowers users to optimize their print assets and reduce print volumes, while yielding significant cost savings and reducing the environmental footprint. Printelligence has been deployed in over 5,000 organizations worldwide.

About FMAudit™

FMAudit has a proven track record of managed print software innovation. Since 1998, the principle partners in FMAudit have pioneered leading edge print assessment solutions that helped define the managed print services industry. Today, the company develops and supports an industry leading portfolio of managed print services software tools and solutions. FMAudit clients include copy and print dealers, OEM's, Suppliers and Licensed Software Partners.

About NewField IT

NewField IT is the developer of the market leading MPS proposal based toolset Asset DB. Launched in 2003, Asset DB has evolved with the industry to become the toolset of choice for OEMs and resellers, being the first graphical and floor plan based toolset. NewField IT is a heavy user of the software itself and has performed assessments in 35 countries, reviewing more than 225,000 devices at 300 + organisations. For more information visit: or

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