March 19, 2007 11:34 ET

Industry Requirements for On-Demand Electronic Discovery Propel ZANTAZ Introspect Beyond 1 Billion Active Hosted Pages

Requirements Reflect Need for Massive, Managed Infrastructure to Deal With Ever-Growing Volume of Digital Information

PLEASANTON, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 19, 2007 -- The amount of data that must be reviewed for legal discovery continues to skyrocket. According to the Radicati Group, we continue to see a 25 percent annual increase in the amount of email traffic. As a result, companies and legal firms are turning to ZANTAZ' Introspect, the industry-leading solution for discovery review and production, in record numbers. ZANTAZ, the global leader in content archiving and electronic discovery solutions, is now hosting more than 1 billion active pages for some of the largest cases today.

"We have clearly reached a point at which the amount of data to be reviewed has outstripped the ability of most organizations to maintain a sufficient IT infrastructure for the review process," said Steve King, president and CEO at ZANTAZ. "Just a year ago, many in the industry were predicting that managed service providers could not keep pace with the growth of discoverable data, but we are now comfortably ahead of that growth. Our customers with massive, multi-party litigation have come to recognize that their data is safer, their reviews more accurate, and their costs far better controlled when they rely on our infrastructure."

According to a Gartner report, a key trend for the next 12 to 18 months is "ever-more-sophisticated and user-friendly tools around processes such as de-duplication and near de-duplication of content, and the reduction of document sets and attorney review processes. The name of the game and the real opportunity for any return on investment comes with reducing the number of responsive documents to a necessary and sufficient set." (Gartner Research, "Key Issues for Electronic Discovery," March 12, 2007)

ZANTAZ Introspect cuts costs and improves accuracy through features that reduce the number of documents that need to be reviewed. According to one analysis, 15 to 20 percent of discoverable documents are duplicates or near duplicates that do not need to be reviewed. With Introspect, reviewers can use the Cross Reference Panel to quickly cross-reference every document with similar characteristics. The side-by-side Comparison Viewer quickly highlights the differences between near-duplicate documents, enabling reviewers to speed through many more documents per hour and quickly understand when a group of similar and near-duplicate documents can be tagged without individual examination. Finally, the Bulk Tagging capability enables reviewers to tag all these files with a single click.

A client of ZANTAZ' hosting service, a large law firm representing a major financial institution, used the near duplicate and comparison module of ZANTAZ Introspect to review similar documents. The law firm recognized that when one document in a set was non-responsive, all the similar documents in that set were also non-responsive, making further review of that document set unnecessary. Thanks to ZANTAZ Introspect, the law firm was able to negotiate with the opposing party to streamline the review process, agreeing that when one document was found non-responsive, then all the documents in that set would also be tagged non-responsive. As a result, the law firm achieved significant savings in both time and money.

The Gartner report also states that "Clients who have been through the e-discovery drill a number of times and understand the process will want to do at least part of the work themselves. Outsourcing will remain the method of choice for companies dealing with very large cases, for those that are dealing with their first few big actions and for those that don't have much volume."

The ZANTAZ technology used to host 1 billion documents is the same technology offered in the onsite version of Introspect, ensuring companies can meet their specific cost, technology, and security requirements.


ZANTAZ is the global leader in content archiving and electronic discovery solutions. ZANTAZ solutions enable organizations to capture, classify, preserve and discover unstructured digital information -- including email, IM, files, scanned documents, and other electronic records -- and review and produce relevant documents in a manner that reduces operational risks and costs while complying with legal, regulatory and corporate policy requirements. ZANTAZ solutions are available as on-site software applications or on-demand software services, or a combination of both and include a broad set of professional services and integration support. ZANTAZ customers include 9 of the 10 top global law firms, 11 of the Fortune 25 and 14 of the top 20 Financial Securities firms. ZANTAZ, ranked by IDC and Radicati as the revenue leader in email archiving, received the highest-possible vendor ranking in the prestigious Socha-Gelbmann report on electronic discovery. For more information, visit or call 800.636.0095.

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