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September 10, 2014 09:00 ET

Industry Weapon Discusses When 4K Is an Appropriate Application

Digital Signage Company, Industry Weapon, Discusses 4K Technology With NEC

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwired - September 10, 2014) - Industry Weapon, experts in simplifying and advancing the applications of digital signage, spoke with Rich Ventura, Vice President of Product Marketing and Solutions Operations of NEC Display Solutions, about how the 4K revolution might not become mainstream in the next few years but will eventually take place of the 1080p; even more so for particular industries.

"When [4K is] done well, and the content looks good, and the application is right -- it looks amazing."
-- Rich Ventura,Vice President of Product Marketing and Solutions Operations, NEC Display Solutions

4K resolution is the next upgrade in screen display qualities. It has 8.29 million pixels compared to 1080p's 2.07 million. Higher resolutions mean that the image has more detail, so 4K displays are able to show deeper visuals than the attempts of the past. For the digital signage industry, touch interactivity will see a huge benefit from 4K because of its ability to attract and retain audience attention.

4K's resolution can fit more information on a much smaller palate. The visuals become drastically detailed when the viewer is within 5 feet of an 80 inch 4K display. On a 4K screen displaying a picture of a New York Street, viewers are able to see finite details, like people watching TV in the windows of their apartment buildings. Paired with 4K's wider range of colors, it is a huge benefit for industries that require flawless visuals.

4K is a huge opportunity for large venues like sporting arenas and casinos that call for bright colors and engaging visuals. It will amplify the viewing experience for retailers who want to make their product details pop. Health Care, which relies on high resolution medical imaging, will benefit from the product, as well as businesses with a heavy amount of data to display, like call centers.

But at this point in time, 4K isn't being pushed very quickly into the digital signage industry, because applications haven't demanded it, and the amount of content creation required for the screens adds on an additional workload.

Taking 1080p content and streaming it in 4K will either result in graphics that are way too small, or stretched and distorted. Therefore the content created for previous displays will need to be modified. Since 4K technology is still new, there is a limited amount of content intended for play in that resolution.

For most, spending a hefty price on a 4K digital sign is unnecessary at this point in time, unless the purposes are heavily color and visually based. Before purchasing one, NEC suggests asking yourself if your application purposes adamantly require 4K resolution. If not, wait it out. 4K is expected to continue to grow, and panel sizes will come down, in just a few years.

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