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September 16, 2014 09:00 ET

Industry Weapon's Digital Signage Gives Casino Content a Royal Flush

Digital Signage Enhances Media Management for Casinos

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwired - September 16, 2014) - Industry Weapon, experts in simplifying and advancing the applications of digital signage, mitigates communication efforts for casinos. Knowing that the more time a customer spends at the casino, the more they're inclined to spend money, the company's solution provides customers with information about all provided amenities. 

When walking into a casino, a patron's attention is going to focus on the flashy, neon slot machines before noticing any posters or flyers on the walls. Most short-stay patrons will not regard any static marketing whatsoever. Casinos wanting to overcome this communication breakdown are implementing digital signage solutions in place of the failed marketing attempts of the past.

Digital signage has ability to dynamically change eye-catching content, thus attracting both the short and long-stay customers. Used to inform viewers about events and attractions, digital signage drives guests to areas of the site that they would have otherwise overlooked. 

"The point of digital signage is to play content. Viewers are conditioned to expect constant change and stimulation, so playing the same three slides in rotation isn't enough. Viewers quickly catch on, become annoyed, and avoid that signage in the future. To evade this, we offer assistance in content management."
- Maria Caligiuri, marketing coordinator, Industry Weapon

Digital Signage technology dramatically cuts down on short-stay casino patrons with Wayfinding integrations. Visitors use these to locate a direct route to showrooms, bathrooms, ATMs and dining areas through interactive technology. These integrations can be updated and customized whenever needed, so customers will always know exactly when and where the next attraction is taking place.

Casinos are taking advantage of integrating their Digital Signage CMS with their gaming technology. In the event of a jackpot or slot machine winning, all signage displays a video celebrating the winner. After which, the signage returns to the originally scheduled content.

Digital signage is the wave of the future, but that doesn't mean you'll have to drain the company budget to get them. Once the screens are purchased and hanging, the expense comes down to the software. Digital media software companies, like Industry Weapon, often offer yearly subscriptions that include technical support for any troubleshooting. Users find that the signage pays for itself after taking into consideration all of the time, paper, and energy saved by the devices.

The gaming industry can greatly benefit from all of the assets digital signage offers. With this self-updating visual communications medium, patrons and employees feel updated as soon as they enter the site. Campaigns can incorporate videos, company announcements, and safety alerts. All information worth communicating to casino patrons has a place on digital signage.

Industry Weapon (, a digital media company, specializes in simplifying and advancing the applications of digital signage. The SaaS solution enables subscribers to design, schedule and publish multimedia content and integrated data sources to screens, kiosks, tablets and mobile devices. Industry Weapon's solution is suited for all industries and includes 24/7 free training and support along with design and creative services.

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