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Ineedmd, Inc.

April 27, 2011 16:31 ET

Ineedmd® to Launch Pioneering Heart Monitoring Device at American Telemedicine Association Expo

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - Apr 27, 2011) - The EKG (electrocardiogram), a medical examination procedure that has become fundamental in cardiology, is about to undergo a major overhaul. The most serious problems facing medical professionals currently dealing with EKG's are potentially imperfect lead placement, disease transmission from unsanitary wires, and the spaghetti of wires that covers patients.

In 1998, NYU clinical professor of neurology Dr. Govindan Gopinathan and electronic engineer Dr. Arthur Tilford founded Ineedmd® to solve those issues. Three years later, they received their first patent for The Physician's Hand™, a mitten-like apparatus with pre-placed electrodes that can be used to consistently apply a full 12-lead EKG and without the mess of wires. In addition, it can be applied in a fraction of the time of a traditional EKG. Then in 2006, they patented a simplified, disposable, universally compatible version called The EKG Glove™ (

Alongside their flagship device The EKG Glove™, Ineedmd® created Windows-based EKG reading software that displays/records a full 12-lead EKG from The EKG Glove™ through an algorithm box connected to the PC or cellular phone via USB or Bluetooth®. Essentially, the algorithm box turns any Windows-based computer or cell phone into a fully functional EKG machine with capabilities beyond current machines that run in the tens of thousands of dollars.

"What we have created goes well beyond simplifying the EKG process... as we originally set out to do," said Dr. Gopinathan. "We have found a way to greatly reduce to cost of healthcare while greatly expanding accessibility. In turn, we have created the first realistic means achieving tele-health."

Ineedmd® received FDA Clearance for use of The EKG Glove™ by a caregiver in 2010. Pending FDA Clearance, Ineedmd® plans to re-launch the product for self-applied at-home use.

For over forty years, cardiovascular disease has been the number one cause of death in America. According to a 2005 American Heart Association study, every 15 minutes after the first 90 minutes of the onset of a heart attack, a patient's chance of dying increases by 100%.

"The goal is for patients to be able to apply the glove to themselves independently and then transmit the reading to their doctor or to a hospital," continued Dr. Gopinathan. "During a heart attack, every second counts... patients could be diagnosed much faster, greatly reducing the window of exposure... This technology can save many lives."

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