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Ineedmd, Inc.

April 26, 2011 17:44 ET

Ineedmd® to Be Honored at Annual Microsoft® Health User Group Conference

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Apr 26, 2011) - Software giant Microsoft® has nominated medical device pioneer Ineedmd® for the prestigious 2011 Health Users Group award for innovation in medical technology solutions; specifically those that contribute to Health Vault™, a cloud-based patient data system that Microsoft® hopes to implement as a vital part of the future of healthcare. Supplementary to storing patient medical records, Health Vault™ has the capacity to facilitate the remote examination of patients by doctors, an idea commonly referred to as "tele-health." The movement associated with tele-health focuses on cutting down on the cost of healthcare while substantially broadening accessibility.

In 1998, Ineedmd® was founded by NYU Clinical Professor of Neurology Dr. Govindan Gopinathan and electronic engineer Dr. Arthur Tilford. Just three years later, Ineedmd® was awarded its first patent for the world's first universally compatible, disposable 12-lead EKG (ECG) device which was later simplified to their 2006 patent, The EKG Glove™ ( This FDA Cleared unit is a mitten-like apparatus that can be used to apply a full 12-lead EKG. In addition, The EKG Glove™ can be applied in a fraction of the time currently required to perform a traditional "spaghetti-wire" EKG.

Ineedmd®'s largest contribution to Health Vault™ is its Windows-based EKG reading software that displays/records a full 12-lead EKG from The EKG Glove™ through an algorithm box connected to the PC or cellular phone via USB or Bluetooth®.

"The uses for this device are numerous," said Dr. Gopinathan. "The most important aspect being that a patient will eventually be able to independently record and transmit a full 12-lead EKG to trained medical personnel without having to go to a hospital or doctor's office."

The patented EKG glove data transfer platform along with The EKG Glove™ and algorithm box stand as the first practical means of achieving tele-health. Furthermore, the algorithm box turns any Windows-based computer or cell phone into a fully functional EKG machine with capabilities beyond current machines that run in the tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, The EKG Glove™ is compatible with any EKG machine currently on the market.

"I'm glad to see that Microsoft® sees our efforts," said Dr. Gopinathan. "There are hundreds of companies involved with Health Vault™. To be nominated in recognition of our contributions speaks loudly as to their values."

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