INETCO Systems Limited

INETCO Systems Limited

May 20, 2008 09:00 ET

INETCO Delivers Business Transaction Intelligence to Processa

INETCO Insight enables Processa to deliver 99.6% availability of service to its customers

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - May 20, 2008) - INETCO Systems Limited, a leading provider of business transaction intelligence software and communications gateway products for the retail and payment processing industries, today announced that Processa, a leading system integrator and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) service provider in Latin America, has selected the INETCO Insight software to perform real-time monitoring and analysis of payment transactions. INETCO Insight provides Processa customers with the ability to certify the quality of service they receive, while optimizing transaction completions at the cash register. Processa's decision to implement INETCO Insight follows previously successful deployments of the INETCO POSway solution.

INETCO Insight enables Processa and its customers to optimize the end-customer payments experience and conduct Service Level Agreement (SLA) management by carrying out real-time audits of Processa's applications and networks. Processa provides transaction processing services for more than 10,000 Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminals, generating over one million payment transactions per month. Its customers include non-banking institutions such as retailers that offer gift and loyalty card programs and private credit card issuers. INETCO Insight enables Processa to monitor the performance quality as experienced by customers in real-time. In addition, its alerting and notification capabilities allow operators to proactively manage key metrics tied to customer SLAs.

INETCO Insight also provides Processa end-to-end visibility across all aspects of the payments infrastructure, including terminals, network providers, transaction switches, and authorization providers, without intruding on existing transaction traffic. With its unique ability to correlate and display a top to bottom view of the transaction, INETCO Insight makes it easy for Processa to measure higher level transaction performance that directly reflects the end-customer experience, and provide insight into the hierarchy of the transport, application and network levels for underlying causes. This visibility eliminates finger pointing, reduces downtime of POS and ATM terminals, methodically isolates issues, and allows proactive remediation before issues affect transaction throughput or the end-customer experience.

"Collaborating with INETCO has enabled us to guarantee our Service Level Agreements of 99.6% service availability, in which 95% of transactions must be responded to in two seconds and no one transaction should take more than 10 seconds," said Richard Kumpis, President, Processa. "With other monitoring tools, we had a fragmented and ineffective IT-based view of issues related to transaction flow. INETCO Insight gives us the ultimate end-to-end view of quality of service from the perspective of our customers, allowing us to proactively enhance their overall transaction quality and operational efficiency."

"Today, it is mission-critical for our customers to have real-time, end-to-end visibility of their transaction flow," said Bijan Sanii, President and CEO, INETCO Systems Limited. "We are pleased to equip Processa and our other customers with complete and cost effective solutions such as INETCO Insight that give them a leading edge in the competitive transaction and retail industries, by ensuring the highest level of quality of service and making a positive impact on their bottom line."

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INETCO Systems Limited provides business transaction intelligence software and communications gateway products for the retail and financial payments industries. With products deployed in over 50 countries, INETCO is a worldwide technology leader in the payments space. INETCO's growing customer and partner base includes retailers, payment solution providers, carriers and financial institutions such as Stratus Technologies, Triton (Calypso), Diebold, Petro-Canada, and Nokia-Siemens. INETCO is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. For more information, visit

About Processa

Established in 1995, Processa S.A. is a Colombia-based processor of online and real-time electronic transactions and integrator of EFT solutions for the Latin American Region. The company has over 100 employees and provides system integration, POS and ATM network management, and outsourcing services for retailers and non-banking institutions that are generating their own gift cards, stored value cards, and credit cards. Processa is also the Sales Channel for Postilion, Stratus, and Futurex, for Colombia and the surrounding region.

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