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INETCO Systems Limited

May 27, 2009 06:00 ET

INETCO Insight 4.5 Business Transaction Management Software Released by INETCO™ Systems Limited

Business transaction management software provides the intelligence to reduce operational costs, improve service, and manage risk within ATM, POS, and card processing environments

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - May 27, 2009) - INETCO(TM) Systems Limited, the only business transaction management (BTM) provider that delivers cross-tier visibility into ATM, POS, and card processing applications and networks, today announced the release of INETCO Insight(TM) 4.5. This version of the business transaction monitoring software includes smart alerting capabilities for instant awareness of critical transaction events, powerful visualization and complete transaction correlation to help any user access rich transaction information and integrate it into existing applications for better management of critical business processes.

"With INETCO Insight 4.5, business and IT users can capitalize on powerful business transaction intelligence to achieve greater service efficiency and lower costs," says Bijan Sanii, President and CEO of INETCO. "The value of this information grows exponentially as transaction processors and other financial service providers face increased operational complexity due to mergers and acquisition activity; consolidation; and upgrade efforts such as legacy modernization projects, virtualization, EMV, and ACI's upcoming Base 24 transition."

INETCO Insight 4.5 captures complete information on every financial transaction as it moves across both internal and third-party service provider networks and applications. This rich transaction information can improve the efficiency of a wide variety of business processes, from customer service to fraud monitoring to application support, reducing the risk of downtime and fraud losses, decreasing overhead costs, and improving customer satisfaction.

"Increased competition, market consolidation and convergence have complicated business matters for transaction processors, emphasizing a growing need for innovative ways to control costs, reduce the risk of revenue loss, and improve service quality," says Pat Cridge, Senior Manager of Operations, Open Solutions Canada. "Open Solutions Canada is using INETCO Insight 4.5 to manage eight unique electronic funds transfer (EFT) channels and rely on its correlated information to ensure we can confidently meet the needs of our growing client base without incurring risk of service disruptions, additional support costs and redundant operational costs."

New Features Allow Users to Better Manage Critical Business Processes

INETCO Insight 4.5 includes the following new features and enhancements:

Complete Transaction Correlation: Every important detail about every transaction is captured automatically, including field level detail, transaction path information, the linkage details between network and application layer activity. This information is assembled end-to-end, across multiple links that often include third party services. INETCO Insight provides the information that both line-of-business and IT users need to manage business transactions, saving hours of manual efforts, fragile scripts and costly inquiry requests.

Advanced Statistical and Event-Based Alerting: Gone are the senseless alerts that are often ignored. Built on a robust rules engine that lets you assign severity levels and thresholds, alerts are more precise and meaningful. Triggered in response to user-defined groups and critical events, tailored alerts combine the complex logic gathered within the transaction fields and statistical information to meet your specific business needs. Notify users through on-screen traffic light displays, email alerts and syslog deliveries.

Powerful Visualization: Whether it's a business manager or a frontline support person, user-defined web-based dashboards provide a customized view of all relevant information in real-time. Transaction analysis is enhanced with continuous access to eight days of historical information as well as drill down and filtering capabilities to isolate transactions of interest, reduce mean time to repair, and eliminate costly "blame-storm" sessions.

Ease of Deployment: Featuring network-based transaction capture capabilities, INETCO Insight was architected for ease of deployment within high volume transaction environments. The software can be installed on a standard Microsoft Windows(R) machine, with no agents or code changes required. It automatically writes information to standard databases and easily integrates with your security, reporting and event management applications.

Open Solutions Canada (a wholly owned subsidiary of Open Solutions Inc.), Calypso (a TNS company), Gen-i (a business unit of Telecom New Zealand), and Fidelity National Information Services are beta customers.

Download a video demonstration of INETCO Insight 4.5 features and benefits.

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INETCO(TM) Systems Limited creates business transaction management and communications gateway solutions for payment networks and EFT application performance management. The Company's core technology, INETCO Insight(TM) financial transaction monitoring software optimizes POS, ATM, and other card processing transaction environments; INETCO Insight(TM) retail transaction monitoring software provides real-time management of POS systems, self-checkouts, kiosks, and e-commerce applications. The software discovers and isolates performance problems faster while reducing fixed operational costs associated with support, communications and infrastructure. A recognized technology leader in the TCP/IP payment transactions space, INETCO products are currently deployed within financial, retail, and telecommunications IT environments in more than 50 countries. INETCO is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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