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December 04, 2006 08:00 ET

Infineon CoolMOS™ CP 500V Power MOSFETs Further Extend Family of Energy Saving Components Featuring Industry-Lowest On-State Resistance and Fastest Switching Speeds

MUNICH, GERMANY and SAN JOSE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 4, 2006 -- Infineon Technologies (NYSE: IFX) (FRANKFURT: IFX) today announced new members of its CoolMOS™ CP series of high-performance power MOSFETs, extending its portfolio of energy saving components used for power supply applications in common electrical and electronic products. The new CoolMOS CP 500V series is particularly well suited for power supplies used in desktop PCs, consumer devices and for HID (high-intensity discharge) lighting, lamp ballast applications and computer servers.

The Infineon CoolMOS family of power transistors feature a design optimized to overcome the so-called “silicon limit,” a characteristic of MOS semiconductors in which a doubling of voltage blocking capability leads to an increase in the on-state resistance by a factor of five. The CoolMOS CP 500V series features an industry-best figure of merit (on-state resistance times gate charge) of as low as 6.7 Ohms*nC (Ohms* nanocoulomb), which is an improvement of more than a factor of 2.5 compared to the Infineon 500V CoolMOS C3 series. This reduces the conduction and switching losses and increases the efficiency of power supply designs.

Additionally, the CoolMOS CP 500V has industry-leading switching speeds of 50V per nanosecond, which is an additional benefit of low conduction losses. This fast switching speed greatly reduces switching losses, which can eliminate the need for complex resonant power supply architectures and allow a return to simple, easy-to-design hard-switching power supply topologies.

Additionally, the CoolMOS CP 500V requires very low gate-drive, allowing the use of low-power standard gate drivers and ICs. The overall result is less-expensive, more compact systems, due to the reduction in size and cost of overall system passive components.

Devices in the CoolMOS CP 500V series will be available in all the industry-standard packages. Samples of the first products including the 140-520 mOhms in a TO-220 and TO-220FP package, and 140-299 mOhms in a D2-PAK package are available now. The unit price for the 140 mOhms device in a TO-220 package will be less than $1.35 for orders of more than 1,000 pieces.

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