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January 24, 2007 12:23 ET

Infinera Marks 10 Million Failure-Free Hours of PIC Operation

Photonic Integration Shows Its Reliability in Customer Networks

SUNNYVALE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 24, 2007 -- In December, Infinera's large-scale photonic integrated circuits (PICs) passed ten million hours of operation in live customer networks without a single PIC failure. Infinera PICs are the first large-scale photonic integrated circuits deployed in commercial telecom and Internet networks. Infinera PICs include the functionality of more than 60 optical devices on one pair of chips, each one less than 1 centimeter square.

The reliability of Infinera PICs is a result of solid state technology and monolithic integration. Integrating multiple devices onto a single substrate eliminates dozens of fiber couplings, wire bonds, and other connections which are required in traditional optical components. In addition, by designing the PIC in conjunction with the PIC manufacturing process, Infinera's PIC was architected to be produced at volume while meeting aggressive targets for quality and reliability.

In addition to data from PICs deployed in live commercial networks, Infinera has gathered reliability data for more than four million hours of PIC testing under accelerated aging conditions.

"The PIC's reliability has been even better than we initially expected," commented Dave Welch, Infinera co-founder and Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer. "We believe that the PIC reliability data is significant in that it supports our belief that photonic integration enables our customers to both combine the functionality of multiple devices while maintaining reliability equal to or superior to a conventional individual component. We believe that integration enables Infinera to deliver more reliability than networks based on traditional discrete components."

The reliability of Infinera's PICs has delivered significant business benefits to Infinera customers. Greater reliability, combined with ease of turn-up and service activation, should enable customers to reduce operating expense, meet demanding service-level agreements, and deliver enhanced customer satisfaction.

The Infinera DTN is the first optical system designed to offer on a single platform high-capacity transport, integrated switching, and GMPLS-based network intelligence. Every Infinera line card offers 100 Gb/s of capacity.

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