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Inflatable Photo Studio

February 18, 2011 05:07 ET

Inflatable Photo Studios Blow Up Across Europe

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 18, 2011) - Inflatable Photo Studios ( -- On October 19, 2010, buzz of a new product hit major websites across the Internet; from Gizmodo, Wired, and CNET to a Belgium business magazine. No press release or announcements were sent out. The Discovery Channel wanted to highlight it in their "High Tech Toys Week." A small amateur website littered with bugs had been put up by the inventor of his Inflatable Photo Studio, not expecting anyone to pay attention. Amateur photographers now had a tool to compete with the pros. The site was quickly pulled down due to overwhelming international requests and the IPS was patented internationally.

June 2010, Brian Hedenberg, a professional photographer in New York City, was struggling with the need for a studio but could not afford New York rental prices. Using simple physics he built a prototype, inflated it outside, and started shooting. After photographing several models from some of the top agencies in New York, other local photographers heard about Brian's new gadget and wanted one as well. By October the buzz was unstoppable. For the last three months, Brian has been working with manufacturers to find ways to make his IPS more durable, compact, and most importantly, affordable. By February, some of the bloggers that were making fun of the IPS had ordered one for themselves.

Inflated with 218 cubic meters of air per minute, the 1.2m x 0.6m x 0.6m unit expands in 3 minutes to 6.1m long x 4.6m wide x 4m high. There are 6 wind stakes around the bottom and wind ties at each corner. The 61-centimeter drum fan, which is included, is extremely quiet and causes little to no draft inside the IPS. Completely light blocking, there is more than enough space to set up a studio environment and have complete control of the lighting.

The IPS is rapidly expanding into several additional concepts like VIP lounges and for sporting and corporate events. The IPS starts shipping to Europe Monday, February 21, 2011 directly to your door! The different units are appropriately titled the Hooligan, Ruffian, Libertine, Fawkes, and El Macho.

This spring, Brian plans to release an inflatable chroma-studio that gives indie filmmakers, video companies, and news crews instant access to green screens in minutes. He's also designing practical medical applications for impoverished countries, which he intends to give away.

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