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Markerly, Inc.

May 17, 2016 08:03 ET

Influencer Marketing Technology Company Markerly Launches Data-Driven Platform for In-House Influencer Campaign Management

Markerly's Proprietary Technology -- Tracking 2M Influencers and Analyzing 30M Posts per Month -- Provides Agencies and Brands With Real Time Data, Predictive Analytics, and DIY Campaign Management Capabilities Across the Top Creator Networks

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - May 17, 2016) -  Markerly, an award-winning influencer marketing technology partner focused on identification and tracking, today announced a new version of its proprietary influencer engagement technology platform with DIY campaign management capabilities for brands and agencies.

The new platform enables brands and agencies to efficiently run influencer marketing campaigns in-house, without having to outsource to a third party. It consists of two products -- Influencer Search and Campaign Manager -- and leverages both Markerly's index of influencers (which is the largest in the industry) as well as its proprietary workflow automation technology.

"This launch has created stronger partnerships by allowing our clients access to our proprietary software to streamline their efforts internally. Agencies and brands can choose to outsource campaigns to us, use our platform for in-sourcing, or call upon us on an as-needed basis for last minute muscle should they need assistance with specific campaigns," said Sarah Ware, CEO, Markerly.

Influencer Search

With Influencer Search, agencies and brands have full access to the most relevant influencers to their audience. Influencer Search tracks more than 2M influencers and analyzes 30M posts per month to ensure the freshest data, and uses predictive analytics and forecasting to showcase the most impactful influencers within their target audience and vertical.

Users can search through the world's top creator profiles on Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Blogs, YouTube and Snapchat by keyword, and filter by follower count, gender, location, check-ins, and engagement percentile. The average search result yields more than 3,000 relevant influencers, and influencers come with a "lookalike" button allowing for instant identification of similar accounts.

Campaign Manager

With Markerly's Campaign Manager, users not only receive access to the Influencer Search, but also full campaign management capabilities including influencer contact information (200,000+ email addresses), influencer activation, campaign creation, and tracking via a live dashboard.

With a few clicks the entire campaign creation and workflow process is harmoniously streamlined. Standard campaign procedures such as instructions, media assets, contract management, influencer and content approval processes, FTC compliance review, payment negotiation and management, performance forecasting, and other necessary steps are completed in an organized and collaborative platform.

Once campaigns are live, Markerly aggregates all content into a live dashboard for easy monitoring and tracking of performance, with the ability to retarget consumers directly from the platform.

The Campaign Manager is the only platform that allows tracking of multiple data sets while comparing influencer performance from a particular campaign. Campaign Manager also leverages location data, image recognition technology, keyword analysis algorithms, historical engagement metrics, hashtags, brand mentions, and frequency of posts to instantly identify the best influencers -- all from one seamless platform managed in-house.

"Influencer Marketing is becoming a standard line-item in media proposals, and as we see this shift, brands and agencies are increasingly interested in learning how to successfully scale their influencer efforts while tracking the ROI," Ware continued.

"We provide the largest, most accurate database of influencers available across all social networks. It's a fragmented industry, and the market for brands finding the right partner to produce measurable results for their clients is growing exponentially. Influencer Marketing can only be successful for brands when you can guarantee that the most relevant and impactful influencers are activated. Additionally, accurate tracking and reporting is the only way to increase the budget to further impact results on an ongoing basis. We're excited to bring these identification and workflow automation tools to our clients."

For more information on Markerly's new in-house offering, please visit their website.

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