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InfoArmor, Inc.

May 11, 2016 13:52 ET

InfoArmor Confirms Scheduled PwnedList Deactivation, Debunks Competing Vendor Statements and Inaccurate Press Reports Mischaracterizing Its Use and Integrity

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - May 11, 2016) -  InfoArmor CSO Christian Lees stated: "Over the last week, we received questions from some partners resulting from misinformation about our subsidiary, PwnedList, disseminated by one of our competitors. We appreciate these questions, and are happy to set the record straight and confirm the following:

  • "PwnedList was acquired by InfoArmor in 2013. The portal (, has long been scheduled for deactivation on May 16, 2016, and while we recognize that it had historically served an important purpose for consumers, it has been superseded by our current services and will be deactivated as scheduled.

  • "Reputable journalists have quickly retracted previously reported speculation by certain InfoArmor competitors who made inferences that PwnedList source data was used in recent breaches, when in fact PwnedList presented consumers with information ONLY on accounts that had previously been published. In this 'portal' vulnerability, the PwnedList database did not experience a known data disclosure, nor did it contain the sort of information used in any of the alleged breaches.

  • "Updated media reports further note that (1) one of the two alleged series of breaches likely did not, in fact, occur; and (2) the other breach was the result of an inadvertent disclosure of source information from the breached party itself. No third party is believed responsible.

  • "PwnedList only compiled previously disclosed credentials. There was no private or confidential data in it. No data was newly disclosed from"

Lees continued: "Like vendors in every industry, data security industry vendors must be evaluated by both the effectiveness and strength of their products, and by the ethics with which they conduct their business. It is unfortunate that reckless and unethical individuals will occasionally attempt to falsely pin bad news on a competitor, which, for its own protection, does not disclose its security architectures and strategies. Fortunately for InfoArmor, the false statements and inferences made by certain competitors are inaccurate. Additionally, some recently disclosed data breaches were first identified several weeks ago -- in other words, before, not after the vulnerability was made public and patched. PwnedList was never a protection service or repository of non-released confidential information. It has been and, until May 16, 2016, continues to be, solely a repository of publicly leaked data.

"We are available to address questions regarding PwnedList, and we are committed to working with all interested parties to ensure the accuracy of their content regarding our business."

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