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August 15, 2005 09:00 ET

Infoblox Provides Network Quarantine Solution for Enterprises

Authenticated DHCP Application Offers Easy-to-Deploy Admission Control Solution That Prevents Access by Unauthorized End Points

SUNNYVALE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 15, 2005 -- Infoblox Inc., a developer of network identity infrastructure (NII) systems, today announced availability of Infoblox Authenticated DHCP, a new application included with the Infoblox DNSone module that allows customers to quarantine unknown devices and validate the identity of users before granting them access to a network.

The Infoblox Authenticated DHCP solution, available now and bundled with Infoblox's market-leading integrated DNS and DHCP appliance solution, provides enterprise network managers with a simple and immediately deployable form of network access control. This is particularly important as users look to improve network identity and security but realize that technologies such as 802.1x and initiatives like Cisco's Network Admission Control (NAC) and Microsoft's Network Access Protection (NAP) are either too expensive or not mature enough for full deployment.

"Solutions that perform user authentication prior to IP address assignment and network access can help provide better network access control. The ideal solution is one that doesn't require third-party software to be installed on user workstations, which can result in a support nightmare," said Dan Golding, senior analyst at the Burton Group. "Further, as more sophisticated technologies become available, enterprises would be well advised to take steps to deploy simple, easy-to-implement and manage solutions that improve security while adopting an evolutionary approach to increase levels of network access control."

"As a college with many unknown students requesting network access with various devices on a daily basis, we have been incredibly worried about the potential for malicious users and activities compromising the network," said Chris DeWitt, network manager for Oakwood College. "The Infoblox Authenticated DHCP solution allows our team to prevent potentially malicious users from accessing the network and increase overall awareness of the users and devices, thus increasing security without incurring extraordinary administrative overhead associated with attempting to manually register students and all their devices."

The new Infoblox Authenticated DHCP application includes a customizable web portal to easily register unknown users and ensure that only valid devices and users are granted full access to the network. Upon connecting to a LAN port or WLAN link, the Infoblox Authenticated DHCP application puts the device into a "quarantine network" and forces a user to authenticate before providing "usable" IP, domain name resolution and gateway addresses.

Authentication requests can be easily dispatched to the existing email server, an enterprise LDAP data store such as Microsoft Active Directory, or an FTP server. The Authenticated DHCP solution can be configured to automatically update the Infoblox appliance's database of validated MAC addresses, saving administrative effort and expense by eliminating the need to manually load user and device information into the system.

"Vital network identity services such as IP address assignment, which is the initial step in gaining network access, represents the first line of defense in any network security strategy," said Richard Kagan, vice president of marketing at Infoblox. "Infoblox recognizes the criticality of these services and has designed its appliance-based solutions, with the Infoblox DNSone module and Authenticated DHCP application, to deliver nonstop services that improve network availability and increase overall security. This is essential for implementation of an identity-driven network where organizations are more aware and intelligent about the users and devices that are allowed on it."

The Authenticated DHCP solution is available today for no additional charge with the Infoblox DNSone module, which runs on the Infoblox-1200 and -1000 appliances.

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