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February 16, 2011 08:00 ET

Infobright Announces Release 3.5 for Enterprise and Open Source Editions

Both Analytic Database Releases Feature Faster Queries and Remote Load; Enterprise Edition Adds High-Availability Replication, With Distributed Load Processor to Follow

TORONTO--(Marketwire - February 16, 2011) - Infobright, the open source analytic database company, today announced immediate availability of Infobright® Enterprise Edition (IEE) and Infobright Community Edition (ICE) 3.5, delivering significant query performance improvements as well as a number of new features, including remote data loading capabilities. Specific enhancements to IEE include high-availability replication, improved workload management and database monitoring -- boosting the database's performance, availability and ease of administration. The company also announced its plans to introduce the Distributed Load Processor (DLP) as an add-on to IEE, which can deliver load speeds of up to one TB per hour depending on the number of servers used.

IEE and ICE Query Performance Improvements
Tests performed by Infobright on IEE and ICE 3.5 have demonstrated performance gains of up to 400 percent for general queries, and gains of between 20-400 percent for queries that are more complex (such as queries using AND, OR operators or the IN clause). The new release also gives users the ability to load data from a remote machine and thus offload potentially heavy ETL processing to a separate server -- ensuring more CPU resources are available for query processing. In addition, both IEE and ICE may optionally use the MySQL query cache, resulting in further performance gains for repeated execution of queries.

"In our business, fast query performance against large volumes of data is a must," said Asparuh Rashid, Product Manager of Polystar, a provider of network and performance monitoring and service assurance for telecom networks. "Infobright's compression capabilities and ease of administration have enabled us to handle our customers' ever-increasing data loads both efficiently and cost effectively, as we are saving on hardware costs and maintenance without sacrificing performance. We look forward to trying out the new features and functionality that release 3.5 has to offer."

IEE Enhancements
Specific enhancements to IEE, Infobright's flagship enterprise solution, include:

  • High-Availability Replication - Using MySQL statement-based replication, this feature provides support for scale-out, spreading the load among multiple servers to improve concurrency and performance. It includes support for both master/slave, master/multi-slave configurations, delivering a simple approach to high-availability and redundancy. It also improves data security and backup, allowing the replication process to be paused for backup services to be run on the slave.

  • Enhanced Workload Management - Building on the multi-core query processing delivered in IEE 3.4, new workload management features include parallel scanning and execution of individual queries, as well as automatic query throttling technology for improved load balancing and query execution.

  • Improved Database Monitoring - This enhances database management and resource usage through improved monitoring of operations such as per-second CPU usage, physical memory usage, disk I/O, cache directory size, and query concurrency.

Distributed Load Processor (DLP)
With more customers requiring near-real time data loading of increasingly large volumes of data, Infobright will be releasing an add-on product to IEE that will deliver substantial load performance gains. The DLP, available later this quarter, will remotely process and compress data, then transfer the compressed data to the IEE database. Performance gains result because CPU-intensive data compression is distributed across machines. Load speeds of up to one TB per hour can be achieved based on the degree of scale-out using multiple servers.

"With every new release of IEE and ICE, Infobright delivers performance enhancements and new capabilities without placing any administrative burden on the database administrators or developers managing the solution," said Susan Davis, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for Infobright. "We continue to focus on providing a high-performance analytic database and open-source innovation that can be implemented in hours, with much less work and at lower cost than other databases."

About Infobright
Infobright's high performance database is the preferred choice for applications and data marts that analyze large volumes of "machine-generated data" such as web data, network logs, telecom records, stock tick data and sensor data. Easy to implement and with unmatched data compression, operational simplicity and low cost, Infobright is being used by enterprises, SaaS and software companies in online businesses, telecommunications, financial services and other industries to provide rapid access to critical business data. For more information, please visit or join our open source community at

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