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February 25, 2013 08:00 ET

Infobright Delivering the Power of Investigative Analytics for Mobile Data

Investigative Analytics Capabilities Enable Large Organizations to Extract Rich, Real-Time Insight From Machine-Generated Data

BARCELONA, SPAIN--(Marketwire - Feb 25, 2013) - Mobile World Congress -- Infobright today announced Investigative Analytics for mobile data. Investigative Analytics enables network carriers, service providers, and mobile-data applications to go beyond operational statistic-gathering to monetize streams of mobile data, including call detail records, web and network logs, GPS data, social media data and more. Infobright's suite of Investigative Analytics (IA) solutions allow enterprises to ask probing, fast-changing questions on how to increase profits, market share and competitive advantage. The company's success in transforming mobile data into value is enabled by industry-leading data compression, super-charged ad-hoc query performance and a miniaturized software footprint.

"Communications providers have always been at the forefront of high-volume, high-velocity data processing requirements, but the increase in machine-generated and mobile data is driving new requirements for high-performance Investigative Analytics," said Matt Aslett, research director, Data Management and Analytics, 451 Research. "With its focus on machine-generated data and real-time analytics Infobright is well-placed to respond to the changing data processing needs of network carriers, service providers, and mobile-data application developers."

Infobright offers its IA solutions in enterprise-class appliance configurations, software-only installations, and embedded OEM implementations. More than 1000 clients worldwide, including mobile-data network leaders JDSU, Mavenir Systems, LiveRail, Yahoo!, and Bango have deployed Infobright's analytic engine.

"Current market solutions, while strong in their area of domain expertise, cannot meet the market requirements for Investigative Analytics that Infobright can," says Don DeLoach, CEO of Infobright. "Data analytics driven by next-generation data-warehousing providers such as Netezza and Greenplum are architected for very large pre-planned structured-data queries, but are ill-equipped to handle the fast-changing query requirements of Investigative Analytics. Vendors such as Splunk and Log Rythm provide operational analytics for both unstructured data and log data, but they lack the ad-hoc query power to connect vendors with consumer in real time. And, while Hadoop is the solution of choice for many large-scale implementations, the full value of the data processed by Hadoop is left unharnessed due to the lack of fast, ad-hoc query capabilities."

The development program for Infobright's IA began over three years ago within the analytics labs of today's mobile-network and data-service providers. IA is required for both edge and core applications within the mobile-data ecosystem. In order to deliver on this requirement, Infobright developed Infopliance™ for core enterprise configurations, Infobright™ Enterprise Edition (IEE) for edge software-only deployments, and embedded IEE for OEM and device-level integrations

Infobright's IA solutions are distinguished by:

1. Exceptional ad-hoc query performance: IA requires the highest-performing ad-hoc query capabilities in the market. Solutions which require a great deal of fixed-schema management and extensive query development do not meet the SLAs of the new 4G LTE network market. The speed of innovation is real-time, and systems and applications need ad-hoc query performance to match. Infobright's Knowledge Grid, DomainExpert, and Rough Query have greatly expanded the types of questions customers can ask in an IA environment. 

2. Highly efficient data compression and optimized load speeds: With the explosion of big data and mobile data, compression and data loading optimization becomes critical. Data compression is key to enabling analytics within a network node, a smart device or a massive data center cluster. Infobright's patented and patent-pending data compression enables mobile-network-service providers and infrastructure providers to store larger historical data sets for more accurate analysis. With this deep compression, implementations can start with as little as a single server. Furthermore, load speeds are optimized no matter how much data or how diverse the data sources.

3. Designed and built for critical corporate needs: Infobright has developed three unique IA implementations to fit different corporate requirements. Delivered as an enterprise-class appliance with pre-configured and tuned resources; deployed as a software-only engine for analytics applications; or embedded as OEM capabilities for smart devices, networks and service pops, Infobright is the only analytics solution designed and delivered with the mobile-network world in mind.

4. Fully integrated with the leading providers of unstructured-data capture and compute: Hadoop clustering and log-data-text analytics are key capabilities within the machine-generated data world. Clients such as Liverail and Integral Ad Science have led the way in leveraging the power of Hadoop and Infobright together. Infobright/Hadoop and Infobright/Log Data integrations are now delivering the power of multiple technologies, implemented together.

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Infobright's investigative analytic engine extracts rich and useful insights from machine-generated data at the speed of business. Specifically focused on the rapid analysis of volumes of information from Web logs, call records, stock tickers, sensors and more, Infobright powers applications that enable organizations to ask all the questions they want, and get the detailed answers they need, to make better, faster and more profitable decisions. Affordable as well as simple to use, maintain and deploy, Infobright offers embedded and enterprise class solutions which enable companies in telecommunications and networking, financial services, media and advertising, and healthcare use investigative analytics to gain competitive success. For more information, and to learn how customers like Bango, JDSU, and Yahoo! are using Infobright to investigate their data, please visit

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