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InFocus Corp

September 12, 2013 13:06 ET

InFocus Adds 70-Inch Mondopad and 70-Inch BigTouch to All-in-One Touch PC Lineup

Larger Screen Provides Engaging, Interactive Platform for Presentation and Collaboration

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - Sep 12, 2013) -  InFocus, a leading manufacturer of digital display technology, has launched its new 70-inch Mondopad and BigTouch all-in-one touchscreen PC. 

The new devices are 62 percent larger than the 55-inch versions currently offered by InFocus. This gives users more than 2,000 square inches of interactive surface on which to collaborate or present digital media in stunning high-definition. 

"For its versatility and ease of use, the BigTouch and Mondopad will be a staple of modern business and academic environments across the U.S. and around the world," said Raymond Yu, president of InFocus. "The 70-inch devices provide greater versatility and visibility, enabling more users to interact with their digital content on an even larger scale."

The new Mondopad 70-inch touchscreen tablet provides a full suite of presentation tools and comes fully equipped for network communication, allowing users to video chat while sharing complex digital content at the same time. It comes with adjustable speakers that may be mounted to the side or bottom of the device, as well as a high-definition camera and high-speed network connections that allow users to video conference and share digital content in real time.

The 70-inch Mondopad is fully compatible with the current 55-inch Mondopad, and because the PC can be seamlessly interchanged between the two, upgrades are easy to make.

The BigTouch is a Windows 8-powered touchscreen PC that can run any existing Windows software. The new 70-inch model allows users to take advantage of Windows 8's dual-screen capability, which can run two applications side-by-side for a more streamlined interface. BigTouch users will also have the option of upgrading to InFocus's Mondopad functionality later this year, adding the company's groundbreaking communications technology to any existing BigTouch.

"The digital whiteboard is the way of the future for our clients. They want more interaction with their audiences and need a touchscreen display that provides bigger and better dynamics and also works seamlessly with their existing tools and apps. The new 70" BigTouch is exactly what our clients are seeking," said Tom McIntyre of TAG Computer Services, a Niagara Region Ontario InFocus dealer.

"With groundbreaking displays, touchscreen devices and powerful software, InFocus is revolutionizing the way professionals collaborate and present information," said Yu. "These new 70-inch touchscreens give users in software development, education and many other fields yet another option to leverage the technology offered by InFocus."

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