November 22, 2016 10:00 ET

Infographic: Gotstyle Declares Apple, Pear and All Fruit Comparisons Rotten

Style Setting Retailer Breaks Body Stereotypes with Launch of WOMEN's Made to Measure Service

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 22, 2016) -

Editors Note: There is an infographic associated with this press release.

Gotstyle, Toronto's style curators, today announced they are liberating female body shapes from the fruit bowl with the launch of Canada's most comprehensive made to measure suit department for women.

A far cry from comparing female silhouettes to apples, pears and bananas, Gotstyle reports a nine-pattern and thirty-measurement breakthrough to fit and flatter a diverse range of female bodies. After a two-year quest to perfect the patterns, Gotstyle's made to measure suits feature more than 350 alteration points - not counting manual handmade adjustments - to cater to any woman's unique body shape.

"There are a large number of Canadian women looking for high-quality suiting that is fitted to their individual body shapes," said Konstantine Malishevski, Made to Measure Manager of Gotstyle. "Our female clients seek us out because they're frustrated with off-the-rack choices that are scaled to a size zero fit model. Women simply aren't being offered access to the same customization, luxury or fit that men's suiting provides."

Malishevski is referring to the standard practice of using a standard, smaller-sized 'fit model' to base all patterns and sizes of a women's suit off of. This often leads to a lack of proper fit. "The largest international women's brands created the notion of a size zero - this simply doesn't reflect the body type of the average Canadian woman."

Gotstyle has defined nine women's body types (and counting) in their made to measure suiting patterns, illustrated by iconic female celebrities with diverse body shapes from Sophie Trudeau to Adele.

Gotstyle revolutionizes body stereotypes with diverse patterns inspired by iconic celebrities:

  1. Celine Dion (5'7, 117 lbs) - Narrow, Slender, Boxy Figure
  2. Serena Williams (5'9, 154 lbs) - Athletic, Shapely, Tall
  3. Sophie Trudeau (5'5) - Broad, Curvy, Soft
  4. Mindy Kaling (5'5, 165 lbs) - Curvy, Soft, Short
  5. Michelle Obama (5'11, 170 lbs) - Tall, Curvy, Toned
  6. Melissa McCarthy (5'2, 245 lbs) - Short, Shapely, Full-Figured
  7. Ellen Page (5'1, 106 lbs) - Thin, Petite, Narrow Figure
  8. Adele (5'9, 181 lbs) - Short Torso, Tall, Large Frame
  9. Kim Kardashian (5'2, 124 lbs) - Narrow Waist, Short, Voluptuous

"We had so many requests for women's made to measure that we decided we had to do something," said Melissa Austria, Owner and Founder of Gotstyle. "Why shouldn't every woman be able to tailor her clothing for a custom fit? The truth is that most high-end women's designers only offer up to size 10, this does not serve a large number of Canadian women who are in the size range of 11-14."

Malishevski confirms that there are completely different considerations in women's made to measure tailoring. "Women have busts, curves and butts, which cannot be catered to by simply altering a menswear pattern," he says. "Just as there are certain considerations to take into account when measuring a suit to male proportions, an equal amount of care needs to be taken to properly fit a female body. At Gotstyle, we're trying to allow the client to express herself with custom fit, fabric and flare."

One such client is Jodi, who recently experienced bridal designer distress before discovering Gotstyle's made to measure service. Recounting her experience searching for a wedding suit at other stores, Jodi says, "When I was looking for my wedding suit, I was repeatedly asked by store assistants if I was shopping for my husband. They were shocked to discover that I wanted to wear a suit on my wedding day. They didn't know what to do with me."

"My man of honour suggested I try Gotstyle," she says. "By this stage, we had been to several shops together looking for a suit, but the designs they carried were all clearly made for men. The service at Gotstyle was remarkable. Konstantine and his staff made me feel so comfortable. I went to the store five times for fittings and every single time was fantastic. I loved it."

Gotstyle's made to measure women's suiting is available by appointment only at their Bathurst store in Toronto. With prices starting from $1300, suits require two to three fittings and are delivered to the client within four to five weeks.

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