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July 14, 2011 18:43 ET

Infonetics Research white paper: How Carrier Ethernet solves the challenges of LTE mobile backhaul

CAMPBELL, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 14, 2011) - Earlier this year Infonetics Research published an 18-page white paper, Using Carrier Ethernet to Backhaul LTE, written by principal analyst and company co-founder Michael Howard.

"The appeal of and quest for a less complex, more efficient operation than layer 3 routing leads many mobile operators and backhaul transport providers to stipulate the use of Carrier Ethernet for LTE backhaul. In our 'Using Carrier Ethernet to Backhaul LTE' white paper, we explain how Carrier Ethernet can be used to solve the many issues and problems involved with LTE backhaul, including higher capacities and lower latency; topologies (hub-spoke, ring, mesh); microwave and wireline; mobile operator owned microwave backhaul and transport provider wireline services; resiliency; and 2G, 3G, and LTE on the same backhaul network," explains Michael Howard, co-founder and principal analyst at Infonetics Research.

Topics in Infonetics' Using Carrier Ethernet to Backhaul LTE whitepaper, which can be downloaded at, include:

  • Introduction: IP/Ethernet Backhaul and LTE
  • LTE and Mobile Backhaul: Issues and Drivers
    • LTE Opportunities and Challenges
      • LTE Market Growth
      • LTE Architecture for Better Economics and Performance
  • Mobile Backhaul Objectives
    • Scaling Mobile Backhaul with Lower Cost per Bit Ethernet
    • LTE Mobile Backhaul Challenges and Requirements
    • LTE Needs Packet Backhaul, but Legacy Backhaul Still Matters
    • LTE Needs Higher Backhaul Capacities
    • LTE Latency Targets Influence Backhaul Architecture
    • LTE X2 Requires Changes to Backhaul Architecture
    • LTE Internet Traffic Growth Needs Offload Designs
  • Carrier Ethernet Solves LTE Backhaul Issues
    • Many Approaches for Ethernet Backhaul for LTE
      • Ethernet Backhaul Issues of 2010 Are Being Resolved in 2011
    • Using Ethernet in Access and Aggregation Architectures
      • Carrier Ethernet for Any Topology
      • Ethernet Transport Media: LTE Backhaul over Fiber and Microwave
      • Metro Optical Transport and P-OTS Using Ethernet
  • Conclusion: Carrier Ethernet Solves the Challenges of LTE Mobile Backhaul
  • Appendix: Packet Transport Protocols: Definitions and Uses

Download the free white paper at in the White Papers section, or directly at



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