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September 09, 2007 11:19 ET

InfoPrint Announces First Open End-to-End Color Solution for Variable Color Printing

InfoPrint Color Solution Is the First Truly Open System to Ensure Quality and Accurate Color

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - September 9, 2007) - GraphExpo, Booth #2276 - InfoPrint Solutions Company, a joint venture between IBM and Ricoh, today announces the InfoPrint Color Solution, the first open standards-based, end-to-end AFP Color solution for the transaction and direct mail printing industry, to enable accurate and consistent color production across multiple printer technologies.

The InfoPrint Color Solution delivers on InfoPrint's strategic promise to the industry to bring all of the benefits of AFP in monochrome environments to high-speed color production. The solution comprises several new developments:

--  AFP Controller for the InfoPrint 5000 full-color, drop-on-demand
    production printer
--  AFP Consortium color management support for the InfoPrint 5000 and
    InfoPrint 4100 families
--  AFP Consortium color management in InfoPrint server technology --
    InfoPrint Resource Installer, InfoPrint Manager and InfoPrint
--  A newly launched InfoPrint Developer Program for future AFP
    compatibility across vendors

The InfoPrint Color Solution has been developed based on InfoPrint's excellence and experience in color development and ongoing work with the AFP Consortium, an independent body working to promote AFP as an industry-wide standard.

"Color management is highly complex, particularly in variable-data production printing. This launch brings our clients a best-of-breed presentation platform that is fully open, to enable consistent colors on different printer technologies, both now and in future," said Chris Reid, Global Solutions Manager at InfoPrint Solutions Company. "This builds on our heritage of working with others in the industry as part of the AFP Consortium (AFPC) and demonstrates our position as the industry leader in high-speed variable data technology."

Bringing AFP to InfoPrint's high end continuous forms printers

InfoPrint's hardware product enhancements and upgrades for color announced at GraphExpo 2007 mean that InfoPrint's high-end continuous forms machines now support advanced color management, through support of the open, industry-standard AFP Color Management Architecture (ACMA). This is published by to provide accurate, consistent and device-independent color rendering, industry-wide.

The new InfoPrint 5000 models, the AS1 and AD1/AD2, incorporate the many benefits of AFP such as speed, quality, reliability and ease-of-use with page-level error recovery, data integrity, auditability and control. They also enable highly flexible page composition with support of TIFF, GIF, JPEG (JFIF), EPS, and PDF objects within AFP and IPDS data streams. These benefits prove very critical for variable data printing. In addition, these models provide native support for applications that generate PostScript and PDF data streams. The InfoPrint 5000 fulfills the requirements of transactional printers, service bureaus, direct mailers and book printers.

The new InfoPrint AFP Controller adds IBM's POWER5™ technology to the current IBM Blade technology used in the InfoPrint 5000 for even greater performance enhancement, exploiting Linux and dynamically allocating Blade resources to efficiently process AFP objects.

As part of the end-to-end color solution, the InfoPrint 4100 now also supports AFP Color Management Resources to generate accurate and consistent grayscales. This high-speed continuous forms printer is aimed at transactional printers, service bureaus, direct mailers and book printers, and the new support brings color application compatibility to printers focused on optimizing productivity and lowering overall output costs.

InfoPrint's leading software supports color throughout the production process

InfoPrint's new Resource Installer creates AFP Color Management Resources (CMRs), the objects used for AFP color management, from International Color Consortium (ICC) profiles and installs them in server libraries. In addition, it creates Tone Transfer Curve and Halftone CMRs from user data to enable fine-tuning of output colors and grayscales.

InfoPrint Resource Installer also supports installation of the actual color images -- in multiple formats from TIFF and JPEG, to GIF, EPS and PDF -- in server libraries and allows association of CMRs with each image.

Resource Installer links with InfoPrint's leading edge software and workflow solutions: InfoPrint Manager (IPM) and InfoPrint Process Director (IPPD). IPM Software aids in managing transaction, distributed, and POD (print on demand) printing. It also enables more efficient enterprise print management with lower overall costs, better utilization of existing assets and full accounting of printer resources. IPPD software is a configurable output process management system based on a Linux® platform which allows print houses to re-engineer transaction output processes by adding new components and functionality as output needs evolve. The third component is InfoPrint Workflow (IPW), an end-to-end, customized consulting engagement and workflow management and control solution allowing automated enterprise document production.

InfoPrint working closely with development partners to provide interoperability of color components

The InfoPrint Solutions Developer Program aims to lower overall project risk, application costs and increase overall success. Enabling testing of solutions prior to implementation means any quality issues can be ironed out, particularly important where color output is involved. It also allows for improved performance, color rendition and control.

InfoPrint has been working with developer partners Exstream, GMC, Group 1, XMPie and PrintSoft to provide color and testing support, working on areas such as composition technology, as well as providing interoperability of document formatting applications with InfoPrint servers and printers.

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