April 24, 2012 10:00 ET

Infor Announces Infor Excellence in Action Award Winners at Inforum 2012

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Apr 24, 2012) - Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced winners of the 2012 Infor Excellence in Action Awards at Inforum 2012, the company's annual user conference. The Infor Excellence in Action Awards recognize organizations that have successfully deployed Infor technology to drive business value, reduce complexity and improve overall performance in six distinct categories -- Customer Excellence, Employee Excellence, Financial Excellence, Innovation, Operational Excellence, and one overall Customer of the Year.

A panel of Infor industry and product experts evaluated each applicant's nomination on their ability to demonstrate new processes and tactics that were deployed in the last year using Infor in a particular category. Criteria were based on scope and depth of performance improvement, quantifiable business benefits, customer focus and satisfaction, and technology use and innovation.

"We are excited to formally honor these companies for their exceptional use of technology to better serve their customers and employees, re-imagine their operations, strengthen finances, and successfully drive business value throughout the organization," said Stephan Scholl, president of Infor. "More than 70,000 customers around the world rely on Infor for their critical business needs and the Infor Excellence in Action Awards provides a platform to highlight those that are most successful at using our products to drive innovation and excellence within their organization."

The winners of the 2012 Infor Excellence in Action Awards are:

Customer of the Year - Brewster Dairy

Brewster Dairy, the largest manufacturer of all-natural Swiss cheese in the United States, looked to automate processes and update its technology in order to track assets, inventory, preventative maintenance on equipment and subsequent reports about the maintenance. The company decided to implement Infor10 ERP Process (Adage) and Infor10 EAM, and integrate the systems with Infor10 ION technology to streamline operations and provide better business value to their customers. Brewster Dairy chose Infor due to the company's continuous appetite for innovation, which fits Brewster's goal of maximizing the value received from technology. After deployment, Brewster Dairy surpassed other vendors in terms of its processes and has impressed plant visitors and customers with their extensive automation capabilities. Infor10 ION specifically has helped speed decision making for users at Brewster Dairy by eliminating double entry into multiple systems for purchasing information, vendor information and parts inventory.

Brewster Dairy was able to significantly reduce the amount of work users did every day. Users frequently had to do multiple entries for purchasing information, vendor information and parts inventory before implementing ION. By streamlining such processes, ION has enabled users at Brewster Dairy to save 10 to 15 percent of their time by eliminating the need for redundant entries of information into multiple systems.

Customer Excellence - Precision Manufacturing Group

As is customary for make-to-order manufacturers, Precision Manufacturing Group experienced unique client needs that often caused delays in delivery times. To increase customer satisfaction and differentiate them from the competition, the company deployed Infor10 ERP Express (VISUAL) to automate processes and streamline the workflow process. After implementing ERP Express, Precision was able to cut typical lead time from 15 working days to five working days and on time delivery increased from below 80 percent to 98.5 percent. The project was so successful that in 2011 the company launched the Precision Performance Promise (P3 Program), which offers to pay customers cash for each day an order was received late. Precision has also been able to impress potential customers with its P3 program, affording them a large competitive advantage and increasing market share by 15 percent in 2011. Since deployment, ERP Express has helped the company increase overall revenues 28 percent from 2009 to 2011.

Employee Excellence - Mission Health and Mohegan Sun

Mission Health, North Carolina's sixth-largest healthcare system, was challenged with a labor- and time-intensive process for employee performance reviews. Through the organization's implementation of Lawson HR Management and Lawson HR Service Delivery (Enwisen), Mission Health was able to adopt a streamlined system for managing and automating employee performance reviews, providing employees anytime access to benefits, compensation and policy updates through an easy-to-navigate portal, and allowing managers to perform compensation awarding updates and approvals based on the performance review ratings. With all data housed in one system, employees and managers are now able to see the information they need in real-time and use it to help promote employee development and growth. Since implementation of the Lawson HR Management and Lawson HR Service Delivery systems, Mission Health has eliminated the need to manually maintain more than 700 directories and can instantly provide employee data to both managers and employees. The integrated systems have enabled the organization to provide a better understanding of the awarding budget and a consistent performance and compensation awarding process to employees across the organization. Mission Health reduced the performance appraisal timeframe by at least three months, resulting in more time for HRIS staff to work on additional projects instead of administrative tasks.

As the second largest casino in the U.S., Mohegan Sun needed to find a way to consistently provide immediate human resource assistance to its more than 8,500 employees. The company decided to deploy Infor10 HCM iEnterprise (Infinium) and Lawson HR Service Delivery (Enwisen) to create "HR Anywhere, Anytime," a portal designed to maintain HR knowledge, handbooks, forms, policies, benefit plans, rules, and government regulations to improve accuracy and consistency within the HR department. Through the use of the Infor10 HCM iEnterprise Self Service coupled with the Lawson HR Service Delivery Portal, Mohegan Sun was able to transform its HR service delivery, improving accuracy and standardization for benefit or procedural inquiries. This technology overhaul provided the HR team with more time to work on other projects due to improved process flows, data availability and accuracy.

Financial Excellence - The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated

The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated, an upscale, casual dining company that operates 171 full-service restaurants throughout the U.S., as well as two bakery facilities, maintains its leadership position in the industry by continuously seeking to operate more efficiently in all facets of its business. To this end, The Cheesecake Factory enhanced its use of Lawson S3 Financial Management by implementing automated process flows, substantially reducing its invoice processing times. Using this technology, the company also decreased the time required to prepare and load employee time records and new hire information. These efficiencies have helped strengthen the company's infrastructure to support future growth.

Innovation - Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Authority

The City of Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Authority, which services the capital of Iowa and a metro population of 456,000 people, decided to implement Infor10 EAM in order to detect and prevent excess energy usage in the city. Within six months of implementation, the Authority's energy usage decreased by 100,000 kilowatt-hours, positioning the application to identify potential annualized savings of more than $200,000, more than four times original projections. Infor10 EAM enables the Authority to take a proactive approach to asset management by providing real-time data access, creating a complete picture of operating and maintenance expenses. And, as a result, the Authority received the prestigious Governor's Iowa Environmental Excellence Award for the use of Infor10 EAM in its facility, which accounts for approximately 50 percent of the local city government's monthly power costs.

Operational Excellence - Krnovské opravny a strojírny s.r.o. (ITeuro, a.s.)

Leading Czech machinery business, Krnovské opravny a strojírny s.r.o. (ITeuro, a.s.), was growing at a rapid pace. Increasing orders, revenues and staff all needed to be streamlined into a standardized business process to accommodate future growth. The company turned to Infor10 ERP Business (SyteLine) to automate existing processes and build new ones to support its new investment. The deployment of ERP Business took less than six months, and immediately produced results for the company. The system provided better data quality, quickly identified critical points and problems, and improved information transparency. With greater insight into operations, the company is able to better plan its material purchasing and control inventory levels. The application also replaced non-integrated systems on an internally developed platform, significantly reducing IT and administrative costs. Since implementation, the company has seen a 20 percent increase in revenue on year-over-year basis, a 25 percent increase in supplier reliability of manufacturing of machinery, and a 20 percent increase in supplier reliability of vehicles and trams production and repairs alongside the ability to make business critical business decisions in real-time.

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