March 15, 2011 08:00 ET

Infor Customers Raise Profitability With Enhanced Asset Management

Infor MP2 Customers Cost Effectively Upgrading to Infor EAM

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - March 15, 2011) - Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving over 70,000 customers, today announced strong global momentum for customers taking advantage of the feature-rich upgrade to Infor EAM from Infor MP2. Companies including Brewster Cheese, Chicago Transit Authority, Grimmway, Jamaica Energy, Maritz, TvAzteca, and Virginia International Terminals have upgraded to benefit from the advanced asset management capabilities in Infor EAM.


  • Hundreds of MP2 customers have taken advantage of Infor's automated and simple path to upgrade to Infor EAM for enhanced asset management.
  • Through Infor EAM's built-in flexibility, MP2 customers have easily configured and personalized business processes, screens, and dashboards to improve system use and productivity.
  • New features provided by Infor EAM, including graphical scheduling, automatic data filtering, e-training, and active intelligence help MP2 customers improve wrench-time, decision-making, and safety.
  • MP2 customers are addressing challenging down-time and reliability issues by continuously monitoring equipment performance and putting Infor EAM's built-in analytics and action engine to work to proactively detect problems and drive corrective actions.
  • Energy-intensive MP2 customers are using Infor EAM to directly address inefficient energy usage of equipment by continuously monitoring, analyzing, and sensing energy waste, and automatically alerting the workforce to conditions that need action to reduce costs.

Maritz Quote
"The upgrade was incredibly easy, Infor Consulting Services transferred all of our equipment and inventory data, and we were up and running very quickly," said Bill Wright, supervisor, Building Engineering, Maritz. "With Infor EAM Enterprise Edition, we have achieved a 30 percent cost savings in our inventory. We rarely run low on parts, thanks to the integrated Infor EAM iProcure advanced module."

Infor Quote
"Recent economic times have put increased pressure on companies to reduce costs to increase profitability," said John Murphy, director, EAM Solution Marketing, Infor. "Infor has developed a program to help our MP2 customers cost effectively upgrade to Infor EAM to monitor and manage the deployment, performance, and maintenance of company assets, helping to prevent operational surprises and uncover hidden profits."

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Infor is a leading provider of business applications, with over 8,000 employees serving over 70,000 customers in 125 countries. Infor focuses on two core beliefs: the importance of constant innovation and the value of laser focus on its customers. Infor delivers software that is simple to buy, easy to deploy, and convenient to manage.

Infor's focus on automating key business processes and integrating over 70 acquisitions of proven and widely deployed application products has served its customers well. These customers include:

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