November 10, 2010 12:19 ET

Infor ERP LN Helps Stork Power Services Unite Its IT-Solutions

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - November 10, 2010) - Infor, the leading provider of business software for mid-market companies, today announced that Stork Power Services, a solution provider for power generation equipment and a division of Stork Technical Services, has completed the implementation of Infor ERP LN at three of its six operating companies. The solution will help enhance processes, consolidate existing knowledge at a higher level, react faster to customer and market requirements, and increase competitiveness.


  • As the global demand for energy continues to grow, new business opportunities calling for fast decisions and on-time order fulfilment, are opening up to Stork Power Services. Despite merging the activities of its operating companies in 2004, its enterprise resource planning (ERP) has continued to run separately for all six units. This complicated data exchange and optimization of processes has resulted in duplication of work for many functions, including: replenishing inventory stock and securely allocating responsibilities and resources. As a consequence, Stork Power Services decided to migrate to a single flexible platform allowing multi-site business processes: Infor ERP LN.
  • Stork chose Infor ERP LN following a review of the market. This analysis showed that Infor offered an appropriate solution for its requirements due to the multiple modules suitable for Stork's applications. Stork is using the Infor ERP LN modules for Finance, Project Management, PDM, Service and Manufacturing. Furthermore, for a service business like Stork, it was important to have a flexible, fast and qualitative strong solution.
  • By the end of this year, Stork Turbo Blading at Sneek and in the United States, as well as Stork Gears & Services at Rotterdam will go live.
  • Infor is taking care of managing and maintaining the software. The hardware is operating from Infor at Hilversum.

What Stork says
René De Swart, Group Controller Stork Power Services, is pleased with the ERP package. "Now we are able to automate entire processes and centralize data that we used to manage with huge amounts of Excel files and separate software packages that lacked proper communication and caused isolation of knowledge within individual staff," said De Swart. "After improving project control and reduction of double data input, Stork Power Services now focuses at cutting in half the amount of stock."

Thanks to the new standard and the consistent integrated way of working, Stork can attract other organizations better as information is available faster for relevant players. For example, with 82 million inhabitants and green energy as a popular theme, Germany is an interesting market for Stork. As De Swart notes, "Our wheel gear framing enterprise in the Netherlands and our German enterprise which has knowledge of generators can become partners in green energy. Infor's integrated ERP system will be able to support that."

What We Say
"One of the main benefits of Infor ERP LN is the high level of integration, putting an end to siloed information management and separated process automation," says Theo Koster, Regional VP Infor Benelux. "The scalable, multi-language, multi-site open systems platform gives Stork a solid foundation to automate productivity, improve quality, and compete globally."

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About Stork

Stork Power Services is a complete-solution provider for power generation equipment. They serve their customers in utility, industrial, waste-to-energy, and marine settings and want to provide the most valuable products & service package for power generation equipment. Stork employs about 12.700 persons, of which 10.000 in the Netherlands. Its activities are accomplished by about 50 operating companies. For additional information, visit