April 23, 2012 10:00 ET

Infor Helps Companies Identify and Develop Top Talent

Infor10 Lawson Talent Management Links People, Strategy and Execution to Identify and Foster Top Performers to Improve Profitability and Productivity

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Apr 23, 2012) - Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced the availability of Infor10 Lawson Talent Management, an integrated talent management application that helps increase profitability and productivity by enabling the flexibility, intelligence and ease-of-use required by organizations to select, hire and retain valuable employees to support business strategies.

"Infor10 Lawson Talent Management delivers actionable information about talent in support of business strategy, positioning companies to make calculated business decisions to help maximize the value of staff," said Amy Ihlen, industry strategy director, Talent Management, Infor. "We took valuable feedback from our customers and have invested heavily in creating a talent management product that presents actionable information at every turn, enabling users to spend less time administrating and more time developing and strengthening talent."

The robust infrastructure of Lawson HR Foundations serves as the centerpiece of Lawson Talent Management to enable complex, multinational companies to maintain a single information source for talent data, compile accurate workforce counts and manage workflows and personnel actions, helping to simplify key Human Resources processes and improve efficiency. Additionally, Lawson HR Foundations helps HR managers identify, motivate and reward multicultural talent, make fact-based decisions and understand how talent can support key business strategies to improve the company's bottom line.

"With diminishing staff due to budget cutbacks fueled by the lagging economy, we had to find ways to improve the efficiency of our very labor-intensive hiring, onboarding, and performance management business processes," said John Sheller, project executive, State of Arizona. "Infor10 Lawson Talent Management will enable us to meet this challenge by reducing the cost to hire employees, improving retention of newly hired employees, and decreasing performance management time and complexity. Talent Management will enable us to implement a new performance management business process that will eliminate many of the steps currently required to establish performance objectives and conduct employee evaluations. We anticipate this reduction will deliver significant annual efficiency savings."

Additional Infor10 Lawson Talent Management Applications include:

Talent Acquisition -- This application helps hiring managers, recruiters and others involved in recruitment activities identify workforce hiring needs and quickly find and engage top internal and external talent, correspond with candidates through the offer and contract process, and manage data about current and potential talent. The application also provides decision makers with additional insight into job responsibilities and the value the new hire will bring to that job, resulting in a more informed and accelerated recruitment process.

Goal Management -- Managers gain clearer insight into how each employee impacts the overall success of the organization, helping to directly align employee goals with business objectives and ensure employees at all levels receive a form of the goal that is relevant to their role and business unit. As a result, the communicated goals become more specific, actionable and meaningful to each recipient, helping managers boost buy-in and, ultimately, results.

Performance Management -- Managers can better create and deploy standardized, online performance appraisal forms with clearly defined evaluation scales, helping to facilitate a thorough, objective review for every employee. This application is designed to reveal where talent exists within an organization, identify the top performers, inform employees when personal and organizational goals are reached, and determine what behaviors are key to success.

Succession Management -- Delivers extensive talent profiles and provides succession-pipeline reporting for managers to quickly recognize, recruit and retain high performers. These capabilities help organizations avoid potential disruption to business by identifying employees that are equipped to move into key roles within the organization. Further, the application enables managers to identify key positions critical to business success and alerts managers to any potential flight risks in roles that, if vacant, could impact the continuity of business operations.

Compensation Management -- Simplifies the total compensation process while supporting efforts to effectively drive business by helping managers maintain pay levels that are simultaneously contingent with company pay grades and also current with industry standards that drive employee expectations. Additionally, Lawson Compensation Management has been built in conjunction with Lawson HR Foundations, a strategy that enables easy plan set-up, enrollment and keeps up with ongoing changes such as promotions and department transfers.

Learning and Development -- Links training and other development activities to resulting competencies and skills by tracking learning activities, session registrations and costs, as well as course completion and resulting skill and competency acquisition. This helps to determine if investments made in developing employees result in added value to the organization.

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