April 23, 2012 10:00 ET

Infor10 to Drive Asset Management Transformation at AWE

Infor10 EAM, ION and Workspace Enable Defense Leader to Boost Visibility, Enhance Productivity and Reduce Risk Across Asset Base

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Apr 23, 2012) - Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced that UK-based defense leader AWE has selected Infor10 EAM, supported by Infor10 ION Suite, Infor's unique, lightweight middleware, and Infor10 ION Workspace, which provides in-context business intelligence, to support business transformation across its asset management operations.

The application is expected to instill greater visibility, business intelligence and rigor across AWE's plant equipment portfolio comprising approximately 315,000 assets, which, in turn, helps the company reduce risk, boost productivity and extend the lifecycle of its assets. ION in particular will help the defense company to achieve a more comprehensive picture of its assets, processes and people, through integrating multiple databases and applications, and will help equip AWE with the agility to react quickly to defense program demands.

News Points

  • As part of a strategy to optimize its asset management, AWE has invested in Infor10 to support a business transformation program focused on assessing and reducing risk across AWE's 315,000 assets, cutting costs, extending the lifecycle of equipment, and improving productivity.
  • ION will replace a number of complex integration infrastructures at AWE, and through its unique lightweight middleware will better integrate asset management with production, including Bills of Material and inventory, as well as fleet management, calibration and security systems, to facilitate continual insight into both the risk profile and productivity of a particular asset or process.
  • Workspace will deliver contextual business intelligence from AWE's asset-related applications in a single portal, to support decision-making, help optimize maintenance delivery performance and to better manage procurement lead times for parts.
  • Infor10 EAM's OpenCAD capabilities provide users with links to CAD drawings of assets, improving the company's visibility into details that promote better decision making for managing risk and compliance objectives.
  • The application will also underpin a new helpdesk focused on understanding and improving the efficiency of 'soft services,' such as catering, pest control and other service-centric facilities management functions at AWE.
  • ClickSoftware, a third-party application integrated into Infor10 EAM, will help AWE reduce its carbon footprint through enhanced capabilities that help optimize route planning in logistics operations, as well as scheduling for the company's approximately 400 engineers.
  • Infor was selected based on its industry-specific expertise in the aerospace and defense industry.

AWE Quote
"A key driver of our business transformation program was to understand the age and complexity of our asset base, and from that baseline, we sought to improve both our risk profile and operability," said Ken Chapman, manager, Asset Management, AWE. "Infor10 is crucial in providing a comprehensive and detailed picture of all of our plant equipment, related processes and workforce, to ensure we can focus attention appropriately, and putting us in the best possible position to react to the changing demands of the environment in which we operate."

Infor Quote
"In aerospace and defense companies like AWE, asset performance is crucial, not only for ensuring productivity and profitability but also for improving safety, managing risk and ensuring compliance," said Jean-Benoit Nonque, EMEA VP sales, Infor10 EAM. "Infor10 is designed to provide the depth of experience and breadth of capability required to support a business transformation project on this scale, from facilitating instant access to CAD drawings of equipment, to the scheduling of engineers in line with complex parameters. Furthermore, the ION-led integration and Workspace capabilities are key in enabling both more complete visibility and contextual BI across the entire organization to support decision-making and resource maximization."

About AWE
AWE has been central to the defense of the United Kingdom for more than 50 years and provides and maintains the warheads for the country's nuclear deterrent, Trident.

Trident is a submarine-launched, inter-continental ballistic nuclear missile weapons system, carried by Royal Navy Vanguard-class submarines. AWE's role is to manufacture and sustain the warheads for the Trident system, ensuring optimum safety and performance, but also to maintain a capability to produce a successor system should the Government require one in the future.

AWE's work covers the entire life cycle of nuclear warheads; from initial concept, assessment and design, through to component manufacture and assembly, in-service support, and finally decommissioning and disposal.

About Infor
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