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December 18, 2014 09:49 ET

Information Builders Addresses Custom BI Needs With Versatile Portal Offering

WebFOCUS BI Portal Delivers Extreme Personalization and "App Store" Experience to Enhance Decision-Making

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Dec 18, 2014) - Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI) and analytics, information integrity, and integration solutions, today announced that its WebFOCUS BI Portal delivers unparalleled customization capabilities to help power decision-making and lower software-as-a-service (SaaS) development support costs for all stakeholder groups.

Information Builders' WebFOCUS BI Portal offers a full suite of web development tools similar to those used to create popular consumer applications, which allows BI power users and IT to deliver stunning web content. It combines the best of web development with unmatched user customization, delivering a rich, interactive BI and analytics experience to any user, anywhere. WebFOCUS is a flexible, fast, and scalable BI and analytics platform that helps organizations use information to their competitive advantage by empowering more people to make better decisions. Power users and developers can set the BI content framework, BI and end-users can create content, and end-users can customize what they see and how they see it. This collaborative workflow minimizes the time to market for BI and analytic delivery.

Key features of the WebFOCUS BI Portal include personalization, an app store-like experience, and aesthetic appeal:

Most dashboards on the market offer only fixed content, which results in many users stuck with myriad features that are not relevant to their needs or dashboards that contain irrelevant sections. WebFOCUS addresses this issue by enabling individuals to assemble their portal pages by choosing only the elements that meet their specific requirements. This allows even non-technical users to create and personalize their own BI content, without any IT involvement, and promotes a true self-service environment that optimizes BI consumption for business users. With the WebFOCUS portal, users have full control over what they see; how information is styled, displayed, and arranged; and how they navigate through content. This allows organizations to deliver more BI and analytics content to more users with less direct support from business analysts and IT. It also enables SaaS providers to personalize their offerings across customers without using additional resources. Personalization also increases usability as it makes the offering more relevant to one's job needs.

An App Store Experience
The WebFOCUS BI Portal provides an app-store like experience for users to find, access, and consume BI content, including dashboards, visualizations, reports, charts, graphs, maps, and interactive InfoApps™. Users are able to build their portal pages in the same way they would build a playlist, picking and choosing the content that interests them to add to their pages and organizing it with a set of familiar components that make it easier and faster to read. Additionally, InfoApps have a custom user interface (UI) and interactive controls that help employees get to the relevant facts and make decisions in less than 30 seconds. The flexibility of InfoApps makes information easily accessible, without the process of sifting through multiple reports. It supports effective decisions at the point of decision-making. The app-store paradigm allows organizations to deliver a lot more content to make BI pervasive while also making the content a lot more relevant, similar to how one's appreciation for an album increases when they can select only the tracks they like.

Aesthetic Appeal
The WebFOCUS portal also provides an aesthetically pleasing customer portal, regardless of a user's screen size. It delivers unparalleled styling flexibility, allowing for full customization by each user. This enables unique tailoring to suit the professional branding needs of the enterprise and is particularly important in environments where more than one look and feel is required. This ability also caters to users who may have vision or color identification challenges, allowing them to customize their portal with features and colors that suit their needs. Aesthetic customization in this capacity delivers all the benefits for consumers with reduced burden on managing and costs, enabling a user friendly environment that can cater to a broader audience, without draining resources.

RainTree Oncology, the nation's leading community oncology alliance, recently leveraged WebFOCUS to build a cloud-based analytics portal that offers unprecedented decision-support capabilities for pharmaceutical companies. The portal, called OncoExplorer, is designed to provide critical data elements that follow the patient journey including the use of oncology medications, access to claims adjudication summaries, as well as pharmacy dispense and lab data. The personalization and app store experience that WebFOCUS provides has enabled RainTree to deliver HIPAA-compliant portal services that cater specifically to its subscribers' needs, offering cancer researchers a convenient way to gather information from a single, secure location to trace a patient's complete oncology history in the clinic, from the time of initial diagnosis to the present day.

"CIOs and business leaders are in search of technology that enables them to put decision-making capabilities directly in the hands of employees," said Gerald Cohen, president and CEO of Information Builders. "The personalized nature of the WebFOCUS BI Portal, and features like InfoApps, support decisions at the point of decision-making, reducing the need to reference multiple reports that can reduce speed of business. This powerful capability creates an analytics-driven culture that improves business performance by ensuring all stakeholders use information more effectively."

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