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September 07, 2005 09:00 ET

Informative Launches New Brand Advocacy Solutions to Leverage Highly Influential Consumers and Drive Business Results

BRISBANE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 7, 2005 -- Informative, Inc., the leading provider of patented adaptive conversation technology and marketing intelligence services, today announced the introduction of new brand advocacy solutions. This technology gives Fortune 1000 companies the ability to obtain current, accurate, prioritized consumer feedback through ongoing online dialog with their consumers, enabling them to understand the motivations behind customer recommendations and purchase behaviors. Extensive research has found that customers who are willing to positively recommend a company's products to others can significantly impact a company's rate of growth and can be instrumental in driving business results.

As the leading provider of brand advocacy solutions, Informative recognizes the impact the voice of the consumer has on creating brand loyalty and generating positive word-of-mouth. From driving personal recommendations to influencing purchases and increasing revenue, brand advocates have the ability to dramatically impact business performance and build momentum for a product or service.

"Informative's brand advocacy solutions create a win-win situation for both companies and consumers," said Ed Sarraille, chief executive officer of Informative. "By engaging the consumer and giving them a voice, businesses are able to capitalize on the power of customer dialogue and advocacy. From product innovation and improved service to increased marketing effectiveness, the overall experience results in more positive word-of-mouth communications. Informative's brand advocacy solutions demonstrate a unique blend of operational excellence and unrivaled expertise in consumer and marketing intelligence."

Informative's proprietary methodology and patented technology is pioneering more effective word-of-mouth and brand marketing. Built using Informative's best practices (developed based on years of experience), this suite of brand advocacy solutions consists of three separate applications; Snapshot, Insights and Community.

Informative's "Snapshot" identifies which customers will have the greatest ability to generate positive word-of-mouth marketing:

--  Profile customers to understand their existing recommendation
    behaviors, level of charisma and the size of their social networks
--  Identify key drivers that motivate customers to talk about and
    advocate certain brands
--  Measure the impact that brand advocates can have on driving business
Informative's "Insights" allows organizations to better understand issues that might be prohibiting positive word-of-mouth and identify new opportunities for business growth:
--  Capture candid customer thoughts and ideas and enable customer
collaboration using patented adaptive conversation technology

--  Explore why and/or what about specific business areas get customers

--  Understand consumer priorities and identify actions that can have an
immediate business impact
Informative's "Community" solution strengthens long-term relations to increase customer loyalty and brand advocacy:
--  Create a destination site that is personalized based on what is most
    relevant and important to customer and encourages repeat customer visits
    and involvement
--  Continuously capture customer insights to uncover changes in
    customers' attitudes, motivations and intentions before they impact
--  Close the loop with customers and let them know that their voice has
    been heard by responding to the insights they have shared and proactively
    addressing urgent issues and future opportunities
Informative's Snapshot, Insights, and Community tools are currently available and are developed in partnership with businesses to address important tactical and long-term strategic initiatives. These fully hosted solutions are competitively priced and can be rapidly deployed, generating preliminary results in just one week.

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Informative, Inc. is the leading provider of technology and strategic services solutions to help companies engage in, capture, analyze, and leverage customer conversations -- with each other and the brand. Leading companies, including 1-800-Flowers, Bose, Intuit, LEGO, Procter & Gamble and Royal Mail, rely on Informative solutions to discover and use the attitudes and ideas that travel most effectively through their brand marketplaces, resulting in enhanced and stronger products, more relevant messaging and marketing campaigns, and higher customer loyalty and evangelism. Using Informative's solutions, companies can cultivate true evangelists and activate the power of organic word-of-mouth. Founded in 1999, Informative is headquartered in Brisbane, CA. For more information about Informative, please go to

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