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December 10, 2012 06:00 ET

Infurn: Popular TV Show Inspires Furniture Trends

The Popular Show Downton Abbey Has Taken Television by Storm -- to Say Nothing of the Furniture Industry; Popular Furniture Provider Infurn Comments on the Latest Trends

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Dec 10, 2012) - The resoundingly popular PBS program Downton Abbey has proven to be tremendously influential among American audiences, scoring numerous Emmy nominations and critical kudos while also appealing to huge volumes of viewers. According to a recent report from The Seattle Times, however, Downton Abbey has not just taken the TV world by storm; it has proven highly influential within the furniture world, as well, with more and more Americans beginning to seek out the kinds of classic styles they see portrayed on the show.

The article notes that Downton Abbey, set in a wealthy British manor during the first half of the 20th Century, offers numerous glimpses at classic furniture and home décor options, some of which are antiquated but many of which are still very much in style. The "magnificent" houses seen on Downton have re-ignited a passion for bedding, bath, and home furnishing options that reflect a turn-of-the-century kind of sophistication and opulence.

One company, called Knockout Licensing, is capitalizing on this trend, preparing to unveil a range of Downton Abbey-inspired furniture options. According to the furniture purveyors at Infurn, however, many of the furniture options seen on Downtown never really went out of style. Infurn has issued a new statement to the press, noting that many of its own classic designs mirror the styles seen on the TV show.

"Ever since its inception, Infurn has been devoted to providing furniture and home décor options that are timeless, and that appear to be classic even though they are newly-made and created from scratch," says the Infurn press statement. "We have over 400 design options, but we are rigorous in our quality control, making sure that the designs we offer are only the best. These designs are truly out of time -- we believe that a piece of furniture is a work of art, and we are excited to see shows like Downton Abbey inspire a newfound love of classic home furnishing styles."

The Seattle Times article notes that homeowners eager to slip into the glamour and allure of Downton Abbey can do a great deal with simple home decoration techniques, and with the incorporation of crystal and cloth napkins into their dinner parties and holiday festivities.

Infurn, meanwhile, is adamant that a piece of furniture can totally transform the look and style of a home. The company has provided its furniture designs to more than 100,000 customers across the world. Infurn provides its furniture options to consumers in more than 20 different countries.


Infurn is a company devoted to the production of designer furniture, drawing on more than a century of iconic and widely-loved designs. The company seeks to produce furniture that is timeless, unique, and classic in its design. Infurn delivers its products to more than 20 different companies; each piece if hand-crafted and produced and shipped with the highest standards of quality control in mind. Infurn boasts more than 400 classic designs, and has shipped its products to more than 100,000 happy customers across the world.