The New Economy

April 10, 2015 09:00 ET

Ingenuity Lab Gives Life to Man-Made Materials

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - April 10, 2015) - The ability to engineer complex biological building blocks and utilise them in everyday life is an understanding that we as a species have sought since time immemorial, yet a look at Ingenuity Lab proves the technology exists.

The latest issue of The New Economy examines the latest developments in this field and how new technologies have unlocked a set of biological building blocks that can be used as a "scalable and sustainable weapon" against the challenges of our time. Carlo Montemagno writes that, by harnessing 3D printing technology, he and his colleagues at Ingenuity Lab are working towards developing a new class of printable inks that could "enable the creation of materials and devices that transform energy, and collect, process and act on information".

In a bid to capitalise on the molecular interactions found in living systems and, through molecular manipulation, yield technologies for solving many of the world's societal challenges, Ingenuity Lab has sought out the best minds in the business, according to The New Economy report. Montemagno says: "With the foundations laid, the next 15 years are destined to see the application of these scientific advances in technologies that directly improve the human condition, creating both economic wealth and societal benefit."

For a look at the report and a series of others on the subjects of technology, energy, business and strategy, read the new issue of The New Economy, available online, on mobile and in print now.

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