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June 26, 2006 10:41 ET

Initial Tropical Plants Enhances the Aroma of Business Interiors Across North America With the Launch of Microfresh

RIVERWOODS, IL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 26, 2006 -- Initial Tropical Plants,, the largest provider of interior landscaping, design installation and maintenance services to businesses in North America, enhances the aroma of business interiors across North America with the launch of Microfresh,, a new ambient scent offering that provides odor remediation.

"For many years, Initial Tropical Plants has been committed to enhancing the workplace environment with lush and vibrant interior plants," said Jeff Mariola, president of Initial Tropical Plants. "It makes sense that we would take the next step and offer Microfresh, a compact system that represents a major breakthrough in indoor air quality. Microfresh performs far better than conventional systems because its nano-particles float with the air current, diffuse quickly and neutralize, rather than mask, odors."

Initial Tropical Plants partnered with Prolitec,, a world leader in the development and deployment of innovative technologies and solutions for indoor air quality, to offer a superior odor remediation and ambient scenting system to current and prospective customers. Branded Microfresh, this newly patented diffusion system converts liquid into a 'dry aerosol' that permeates a large space with a very small quantity of ingredient -- just enough to neutralize the odor and replace it with a pleasant scent. Conventional aerosol hygiene dispensers use heavy droplets that mask the odor within a restricted area for a very short period of time. Microfresh does not use heavy droplets. Its micron-size particles are so light they float and uniformly treat the air throughout the space.

According to Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards, the fragrance and scents being diffused by Microfresh fall far below the OSHA regulated "allergy triggers." Because of the small particle size, Microfresh achieves odor neutralizing and a scent effect with concentrations of ingredients in the air of less than one part per million (PPM). The allergy threshold for most people is over 100 PPM. Microfresh ingredients are 100% pure with inert fragrance and odor neutralizing materials. Conventional systems include at least 50% solvents and propellants that contain volatile organic compounds (VOC). Microfresh is compliant with "green building" regulations that focus on delivering environmentally responsible, healthy, productive places to live and work.

For a limited time, Initial Tropical Plants is offering a complimentary 30-day trial of Microfresh. Available in a choice of six subtle scents including Cloud Nine, Mountain Fresh, Arctic Mist, Fresh Clean, Crisp Cotton and Blue Sky, Microfresh is providing odor remediation for a divergent array of industries including hotels and resorts, casinos, cruise lines, spas and fitness centers, building management, theatres, convention centers, malls and retail stores, health care facilities, airports, train stations and schools. The client response has been uniformly enthusiastic. An engineer at a Hyatt Grand hotel relayed that Microfresh "eliminated cigarette and cigar smoke from the treated areas." A manufacturer and retailer of mattresses said that Microfresh "creates a pleasing environment that encourages customers to stay in the store longer for the purpose of testing mattresses by lounging."

No longer content to rely on broadband service and fluffy pillows, several major hotel chains now seek to wish guests a nice-smelling stay. Major hotels are using ambient scents -- ranging from calming freesia to home and hearth-inspired apple pie aromas -- as brand building exercises aimed at boosting guest loyalty. Initial Tropical Plants believes so strongly in the power of scent, they are introducing an ambient scent at the company's corporate and branch offices across North America. Initial Tropical Plants created a signature scent that represents their brand -- an earthy and lightly floral and fruity scent with a hint of basil, sage and thyme. All of the company's offices will disperse the signature scent through the newly patented Microfresh diffusion system.

About Initial Tropical Plants:

Initial Tropical Plants, Inc. is the largest provider of interior landscaping, design installation and maintenance services in North America. They have earned this leadership position by providing innovative year-round plant programs to businesses that improve the quality of life in the workplace while presenting an aesthetically pleasing business environment. Initial Tropical Plants is a subsidiary of Rentokil Initial plc, (LSE: RTO), a publicly traded international business-to-business service organization based in the UK. For more information, visit Initial Tropical Plants website at:

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