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March 09, 2011 10:39 ET

InLab Ventures' Business Model Provides Job Creation and Economy Stimulus Answers

PALM DESERT, CA--(Marketwire - March 9, 2011) - InLab Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm, based in Southern California, has a business model that offers some very unique answers to the economy stimulus and job recovery issues the U.S. is currently facing. InLab Ventures position is that billions of dollars of early-stage VC money has moved upstream over the past decade, meaning the majority of VC's focus on larger, more mature, later-stage companies. InLab believes it needs to move that money back downstream, investing in early-stage startups, which is the only truly effective way to create jobs and stimulate small business growth.

From InLab's perspective the reason is clear, most Venture Capitalists don't have a business model that is designed around de-risking and effectively commercializing early-stage businesses. The traditional business model is about money management and raising large funds rather than focusing on building and growing successful companies. "The Venture Capital industry is currently only interested in finding the proverbial home run. No Major League Baseball team ever won the World Series by just hitting home runs. The changes we're promoting in the VC business model are about fostering and developing singles, doubles, triples, and home runs. To us that means Venture Capital can't just be about IPO's. It's about building profitable, well-run companies, and developing much more meaningful Mergers & Acquisition liquidity events. InLab's business model is specifically built to do just that," said Greg Doyle, Managing Director, InLab Ventures.

InLab Ventures message is very timely, considering President Obama's announcement earlier this year around his Startup America initiative as well as Scott Case's keynote address at DEMO Spring 2011 where he formally announced a partnership between DEMO and Startup America. "We fully support the White House's initiative. We believe InLab Ventures' business model is directly in line with the goals and objectives of Startup America," said Greg Doyle, Managing Director, InLab Ventures.

InLab Ventures has a name and brand for their business model called Venture Capital 3.0. During the last part of 2010, InLab Ventures released a white paper describing the details of Venture Capital 3.0. More information is available at

InLab Ventures has a current portfolio of nine companies. One company is currently being acquired and two others are within 12 months of large liquidity events. InLab Ventures will be available at Spring DEMO 2011 for discussion.

About InLab Ventures
InLab Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm with a fundamentally different business model from the traditional VC approach. InLab Ventures' model has 4 major differentiators: no management fees, an enhanced due diligence process that uses a proven lab-based, scientific process and methodology to select and build winning companies, a fully integrated marketing platform and deal flow engine which creates a significant increase in deal flow, a unique strategic partner/M&A alliance program that engages industry M&A leaders earlier and more often into the development cycle. InLab Ventures focuses on technology-enabled companies in the following industry segments: Hi-Tech (software, hardware, content & applications) and Green-Tech (energy alternatives, & efficiencies). InLab Ventures also participates in the Biotech and Life Science industries through a fund-of-funds relationship with Leading Ventures. More information is available on InLab Ventures' web site,

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