August 05, 2009 08:00 ET

InMage Offers Managed Service Providers New Market Opportunities Based on Tiered Managed Recovery Services

MSPs Can Now Offer Customers Application Migration, Disaster Recovery and Data/Application Recovery Services From a Single Cost-Effective Platform

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - August 5, 2009) - InMage® (, the leading independent software vendor of disk-based, business application recovery solutions for disaster recovery, today announced the availability of infrastructure solutions for managed service providers (MSPs) that will enable them to easily offer tiered recovery solutions for their customers. In building recovery solutions around the InMage Scout platform, MSPs will address end users' biggest data and application recovery problems, including backup impacts, data loss on recovery, lengthy recovery times, recovery reliability, and implementing cost-effective disaster recovery. These features will differentiate MSP offerings from the competition, opening up exciting new market opportunities for MSPs that can drive high growth. With its simple deployment model, seamless scalability, and extremely efficient data transfer over both local and wide area networks, InMage solutions are an excellent fit for both MSPs and their customers. As part of the announcement, InMage veteran Tom Urban has been named Director of MSP Alliances.

"But it's not just a smaller company play," said Daryl Plummer, Gartner Managing Vice President, Chief of Research and Chief Gartner Fellow. "Larger companies may find the easy scalability of these types of services to be of value at the project level, and may also look to take advantage of complementary technologies like server virtualization and DR test automation to optimize the cost of their own recovery capabilities."

Because InMage leverages continuous data protection as one of its foundation technologies, MSPs can offer tiered recovery services at different price points that support everything from daily restore points all the way up to the most granular recovery capabilities, supporting rapid recovery of the most recent data. InMage provides a single platform that, once installed, can support transparent backup, disaster recovery within minutes, and automated application failover/failback to support faster, more reliable restoration of application services. This latter capability allows MSPs to offer recovery tiers that can include just data, or can include data and applications. Included as part of the InMage platform are built-in WAN optimization features, including TCP optimization, compression, and bandwidth shaping, that help keep network bandwidth requirements very low, providing a competitive weapon against conventional replication products and opening up remote office backup opportunities as another viable market MSPs can pursue. And InMage supports heterogeneous servers and storage, as well as different storage architectures (SAN, DAS, and NAS), maximizing the addressable market for MSPs.

"With the increasing penetration of server virtualization into the mainstream, MSPs are looking for technologies and solutions that can work well with and leverage them to solve today's problems," said Tom Urban, Director of MSP Alliances for InMage. "InMage Scout can be used in physical, virtual, and mixed physical/virtual server settings, is compatible with all major virtual machine environments, including VMware, Citrix, and Hyper-V, and, with its small host footprint and extremely low overhead, addresses key customer concerns beyond just meeting recovery requirements. Our technology is a great fit for MSPs and end users alike."

"It's very beneficial to our business model and revenue streams to offer managed services like the InMage Scout solution to our customers," said Bill Teasley, manager of operations, Northwest Regional Data Center. "With InMage, we know that within minutes our customers can transfer their services to our data center and be back up and operational. It's very competitive from a feature/price ratio, and once the product is installed, it's on autopilot."

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InMage is the leading independent software vendor in developing and delivering comprehensive, disk-based and scalable business application recovery solutions that allow companies to meet stringent disaster recovery requirements, eliminate the impacts of local backups, and manage application uptime to meet high availability needs. Targeting enterprises, InMage solutions provide solid data protection for high growth data environments while eliminating backups, minimizing data loss on recovery, shortening recovery times, and increasing recovery reliability in heterogeneous environments. InMage uniquely offers a low impact hybrid recovery technology and the use of AppShots to further support its customers' remote disaster recovery, local backup, and high application availability requirements. For more information, visit

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