September 10, 2010 08:00 ET

InMobi Launches Global Research on Mobile Advertising Covering 125 Countries Across Six Regions

Highlights: US Position as Digital Advertising Innovator Uncertain in Mobile, Developers Now Experiencing True Mobile Globalization; Apple Faces Global Challenge; Android Poised for Dominance

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - September 10, 2010) -  InMobi, the world's largest independent mobile ad network, today released the first of a series of research reports providing a global perspective on mobile advertising. The report is based on network research across 125 countries and six regions, delivering the most comprehensive insight on a global basis that the industry has seen. Key components include:

  • InMobi's proprietary network statistics, which highlights global trends;
  • Deep dive analysis in six different regions, exposing numerous trends and statistics around handset and OS penetration;
  • A crowd-sourced, viral qualitative component with an open invitation to the industry to participate. 

This is the first of what will be a regular series of research reports from InMobi, highlighting worldwide trends and consumer sentiment, that will be available to the mobile industry, research analysts, investors, advertisers, publishers and academic institutions.

InMobi's network and qualitative research is available for immediate download at:

"Today the mobile advertising industry is in desperate need of high-quality, independent data from the global consumer perspective," comments James Lamberti, Vice President of Research and Marketing at InMobi. "Our broad network footprint, physical presence in six countries, independent status and commitment to quality research enables us to provide exactly that. This is one of the most comprehensive sources of information that has ever been made available to the mobile advertising industry, further establishing InMobi as a thought-leader in the space."

Key highlights from the network data released today include:

Table 1
Mobile OS Share: Global Market, July 2010 
Operating System   Available Impressions   % Global Share
Nokia OS   5,235,032,493   25.7%
Symbian OS   4,498,708,599   22.1%
iPhone OS   1,651,511,062   8.1%
Android   448,558,560   2.2%
RIM OS   569,942,369   2.8%
webOS   216,087,090   1.1%
Windows Mobile OS   129,157,519   0.6%
  • Apple iPhone OS will face much stiffer competition from Nokia and Android globally. While data suggests tremendous potential and continued success for Apple, its closed nature and premium price points compared to major competitors in emerging markets offers a much greater challenge for the device giant than in existing developed markets.
Table 2 
 Mobile OS Share: U.S. Market, July 2010
Manufacturer Available Impressions % Share
iPhone OS 647,653,546 27.0%
Android 252,078,180 10.5%
RIM OS 142,485,214 5.9%
Nokia OS 69,866,571 2.9%
Symbian OS 65,929,643 2.8%
Windows Mobile OS 33,782,696 1.4%
  • Rapid Android advances in the U.S. market foreshadow global dominance in the OS space. In just a few months, Android has grown to take 10.6% of the OS share in the U.S. market. While it is just now emerging in other regions, its open global framework for manufacturers, developers, and carriers with its increasingly aggressive price points over iPhone, offer it compelling consumer advantages for emerging markets like Asia, Africa, Middle East, and South America.
Table 3
iPhone OS Impressions: Share By Region 
Region Available Impressions % Share
North America 1,049,766,376 63.6%
Europe 401,632,174 24.3%
Asia 178,560,774 10.8%
Middle East 16,858,255 1.0%
Africa 4,693,483 0.3%
  • With over 36% of iPhone impressions now outside North America, iPhone developers are among the first to experience mobile advertising globalization. This trend offers a preview of what's to come for all other sectors of the mobile advertising ecosystem including brands and agencies.

The qualitative research characterized six regions in the world on eight market dimensions that define its mobile advertising health. These dimensions included:

Dimension   Market Impact   Description
Advertiser Adoption   Demand for Ads   How evolved and/or interested is the media and advertising community?
Telco Data Plans   Demand for Ads   Are telco data plans encouraging the growth of mobile advertising?
Mobile Screen Mindshare   Demand for Ads   How important is the mobile screen relative to other media for the consumer?
Smartphone & 3G Adoption   Demand for Ads   What is the current 3G and smart phone adoption?
Telco Billing Practices   Supply of Ads   Do telco billing practices encourage the growth of mobile advertising?
Regional Publishers   Supply of Ads   To what extent are publishers providing inventory?
Developer Community   Supply of Ads   To what extent are developers creating apps and inventory?
Current Reach Opportunity   Supply of Ads   What is the current (not potential) reach and scale opportunity?

Markets were then ranked on overall health across these dimensions. North America, driven largely by the U.S., was ranked second in overall health behind Europe. The key observation in the U.S. market is as follows:

  • Historic U.S. role of innovator in digital advertising challenged by mobile. "The U.S. remains the largest ad market in the world and historically is an innovator in digital media. While the U.S. developer community is leading innovation in terms of creating engaging mobile content, the overall U.S. role as a global media innovator in mobile is in question. With such deep penetration in PC and offline media creating media fragmentation, there is no forcing function for agencies and brands to rapidly adopt and innovate in mobile advertising such as exists in almost all other regions of the world. That said, the consumer-driven smartphone revolution in North America currently taking place might yet push brands to recognize and leverage the unique value of mobile advertising from other digital media channels." Anne Frisbie - VP, Managing Director, InMobi North America

Researchers, analysts, and industry thought-leaders are encouraged to participate in the crowd-sourced qualitative research by contacting us at

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