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Innerscope Research, Inc.

January 22, 2014 09:00 ET

Innerscope Research Launches Sensus™, Integrated Consumer Neuroscience Kiosks That Deliver Comprehensive Insights Into Consumers' Non-Conscious Responses

Available Immediately, Sensus™ Integrates Biometrics, Eye Tracking, Facial Coding and Self-Report in a Single, Scalable Platform

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Jan 22, 2014) - Innerscope Research, Inc. today announced the launch of Sensus™, the first integrated consumer neuroscience kiosks, which deliver an unprecedented and unique combination of market research tools in a single platform.

With enhanced neuroscience based capabilities, including biometrics, eye tracking and facial coding, combined with self-report measures, Sensus™ provides marketers with a cost-effective and scalable way to gain the most comprehensive insights available into a consumer's conscious and non-conscious attitudes and emotions.

"By including this unique combination of technologies, Sensus™ offers the best opportunity for clients to enhance communications in order to increase the probability of purchase behavior," said Innerscope co-founder Dr. Carl Marci.

Innerscope believes that understanding the whole consumer is critical for marketers seeking to maximize in-market performance in an evolving media landscape. This expanded understanding of the consumer, beyond traditional measures of attitudes is accomplished with Sensus™ that integrates non-conscious measures of attention and emotional response.

"Sensus™ presents marketers with unprecedented access into consumer attitudes, attention and emotion," said Innerscope CEO Bill Moult. "By more completely understanding their consumers, marketers can better predict behavior, thereby enabling them to tie media and marketing research directly to financial results."

Sensus™ uses Innerscope's patented algorithms to measure emotional engagement via the integration of their core biometric sensors including skin conductance, heart rate, respiration, and motion. This new platform also integrates best-in-class solutions to measure and collect eye tracking, facial coding and self-report data. The results allow clients to see where consumers are directing their visual attention, what types of emotions they are expressing, and the depth of those emotional responses. A short survey after the test captures traditional attitudinal responses.

Sensus™ kiosks are immediately available for studies in four metro U.S. markets: Boston, Chicago, Orlando and Los Angeles. Testing in select malls and movie theaters, with nearly 40 alternative locations provided by the technology & data collection partner eworks, Inc., Sensus™ is a cost-effective way to reach various consumer demographics. Additional national and international markets are scheduled to be available in 2014, including New York City where a Sensus™ kiosk will be available at the Time Warner Medialab.

"More than ever, it's important to have an understanding of how consumers are engaging with media on a conscious and unconscious level. Our partnership with Innerscope allows us to stay on the cutting edge to help deliver unparalleled insight through the Time Warner Medialab," said Kristen O'Hara, Chief Marketing Officer for the Time Warner Global Media Group.

"The approach that Innerscope is bringing to the market marks a major step forward from traditional 'neuromarketing,'" said Tim Hardy from eworks, Innerscope's kiosk-based data collection partner. "We're very pleased to be working with Innerscope to make eworks data collection technologies widely available to clients through Sensus™."

"Innerscope has brought together world class solutions in order to provide clients with the most robust and comprehensive data available," said Barbara Barclay of Tobii technologies, the eye tracking provider for Sensus™. "We are very excited to be included among these solutions and to have the opportunity to provide clients with data from Tobii's eye tracking technologies." 

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Founded in 2006, Innerscope Research, Inc. is the leading integrated consumer neuroscience company dedicated to improving the way marketers understand consumer decision making. By measuring emotional engagement, Innerscope helps Fortune 500 clients optimize their brands, products and communications for superior in-market performance. With its breakthrough and validated methodology, including the latest advances in biometrics, neurometrics, psychometrics and self-reporting, Innerscope measures and analyzes moment-by-moment non-conscious responses, the primary drivers of behavior and choice. Founded by Harvard and MIT scientists, Innerscope has been recognized with ARF Innovation and Rising Star Awards, ESOMAR Best Presentation Award, and as a 2013 EXPLOR award finalist at IIR's TMRE. For more information, visit

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