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October 21, 2014 09:00 ET

Innerscope Research Launches Standardized Integrated Neuroscience Solution to Help Brands Optimize On-Shelf Performance of Package Design

Shopper Sensus™ Suite Delivers Cost-Effective Model of Nonconscious Measures to Maximize Efficiency, Effectiveness and to Ensure Brand Association

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Oct 21, 2014) - Innerscope Research Inc., the leader in consumer neuroscience, today announced the release of its Shopper Sensus™ Suite, the first standardized integrated consumer neuroscience solution that helps brands optimize the in-market performance of package designs and redesigns.

Available immediately, the Shopper Sensus™ Suite is a strategic set of consumer neuroscience solutions that help brands navigate their primary packaging challenges: maximizing efficiency and effectiveness of packaging creative, while reducing production costs and ensuring in-market success.

"A brand's packaging is the window to a product's purchase," said Dr. Carl Marci, Innerscope Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer. "Understanding how consumers identify, comprehend and emotionally engage with a brand's packaging -- and ensuring subsequent in-market effectiveness -- depends upon using the tools that provide a complete and accurate assessment of consumer response."

Shopper Sensus™ Suite leverages Innerscope's integrated consumer neuroscience kiosk platform. The data collection platform, with locations in five cities around the U.S., allows clients to collect multiple streams of data including biometric, facial coding, eye tracking and self-report on samples of 75 or more at an affordable price.

Shopper Sensus™ supplements traditional media research, providing brands with the most complete understanding of their consumers by measuring and analyzing nonconscious emotional responses that are critical drivers of behavior and choice.

Shopper Sensus™ is built on Innerscope's nearly decade-long research into nonconscious consumer responses, which includes guiding brands through all steps in the initial design and redesign process. Working with some of the most recognizable global brands, Innerscope has evaluated everything from new package concepts to how to reshape effectively iconic packaging.

Tailored to different product stages and depths of evaluation, Innerscope's Shopper Sensus™ Suite offers three standard solutions.

  • Package Equities. Critical in package redesign is understanding the elements owned by a brand, particularly those that should be not replaced in a redesign. Using core biometrics, implicit testing and self report, this solution identifies existing design equities, including the consumer engagement associated with them, and better informs creative strategy for a new design.

  • Package Screener. For brands considering multiple design concepts, this solution identifies the most viable package designs and provides insights for further optimization. Using biometrics, eye tracking and self report, this solution measures emotional engagement with the package, visual attention on key messages in correct sequence, and effective presentation of brand attributes.

  • Market Selection. This comprehensive assessment measures effectiveness of packaging concepts on their own, as well as on the retail shelf. Using biometrics, eye tracking and self report, this solution identifies whether a package gains attention, creates positive emotional resonance, is easily identified, and is consistent with the brand.

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Innerscope Research, Inc. is the leader in integrated consumer neuroscience, delivering unprecedented understanding of consumer behavior that helps brands to build deeper connections and optimize product and communication performance. Using the latest technological advances in biometrics, neurometrics and psychometrics, which can be integrated with self-report, Innerscope measures and analyzes moment-by-moment conscious and non-conscious responses to media and packaging, providing marketers with critical insight into consumers' decision making. Founded in 2006 by Harvard and MIT scientists, Innerscope has been recognized with ARF Innovation, Rising Star and Great Minds Awards, ESOMAR's Best Presentation Award, and as a 2013 EXPLOR award finalist at IIR's TMRE. For more information, visit Innerscope on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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