SOURCE: Innosuisse Corp.

October 06, 2011 12:54 ET

Innosuisse Corp. Offers Update on Group Consolidation, the Ongoing Preparation of the Audit and the Integration of Peters Engineering

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - Oct 6, 2011) - Innosuisse Corp. (PINKSHEETS: INSE) announces today a strategic shift into a new product portfolio.

Over the past some 18 months, the new Innosuisse board of directors has reviewed its product portfolio and has deeply analyzed its market potentials and opportunities. In this context, it considered integrating the German aviation engineering company 'Peters Engineering.' Mr. Goddert F. Peters shared a lot of his market and technology knowledge to perform this analysis and agreed to become chairman of Innosuisse. However, in the interest of the coming developments, its investors and the potential success for the group, the board of directors suggested a drastic shift in strategy, away from unmanned aircraft systems to an innovative portfolio of consumer products.

In the meantime, Innosuisse has investigated other market opportunities and found that NOXEL group, headquartered in Switzerland with operations in Malaysia and manufacturing in Singapore and further partners across Asia, was an ideal venture and delivers a great growth and profit potential. It also perfectly fits the innovative spirit of Innosuisse with a wide product range from consumer electronics to software solutions.

We therefore announce the following changes applied to Innosuisse:

  • All aviation related products are being removed from Innosuisse portfolio and will not be further developed.
  • The integration of Peters Engineering has been stopped. Mr. Goddert F. Peters resigns from the board of directors and as chairman of the board.
  • Innosuisse takes over NOXEL Know how, Products and Distribution Network with all its related IPs and patents.
  • Mr. Farbod Sadeghian, Group CEO of NOXEL, joins Innosuisse and is elected chairman of the board and takes the position as chief executive officer. At the same time, Mr Simon Lauchli, previously CEO of Innosuisse Corp., resigns as an officer but remains in the board of directors.

NOXEL products and solutions that build the new Innosuisse Portfolio

NOXEL Building Automation
The solution oriented advanced control and automation technology delivers a new dimension in luxury living. Integrating audio/video, automation, environmental and communication technologies with one-touch simplicity and wireless convenience. One unified system designed to meet every need and desire in home automation.

A system that connects with a larger world, increases safety and security, entertains, and lights the customer's way.

NOXEL XTREAM (Digital Signage Solutions)
NXDS Series: NXDS600, The solid-state digital signage player capable of full 1080P video and 3D playback. The new NXDS600 player couples a FULL HD quality video engine with an IPTV-class processor to deliver an ideal hardware solution for the demands of medium to large digital signage networks. The device is not a personal computer, which greatly increases reliability rates in the field and minimizes installation and management requirements.

The units -- measuring just 150mm by 128mm wide and 40mm high, and weighing just 950 grams -- use embedded firmware that can be upgraded automatically, and both monitored and managed remotely. Video playback uses the latest Sigma Designs video decoder (SMP865X), which can smoothly play out high-definition MPEG-4.10 (H.264), SMPTE 421M (VC-1), AVS, WMV9, MPEG-4.2 and MPEG-2.

The integrated Sigma chip also easily handles 3D MPEG-2/H.264 Side by Side, Over/Under, Anaglyphic 3D, polarized 3D and Auto-stereoscopic 3D content formats - tasks more typically reserved for costly, high-powered PCs.

The Xtream series works with NXCM (content management) solution for digital signage. A web-based platform, Noxel makes the system available as fully-managed Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, or network operator can buy the server software solution and host and manage on their own.


INNOCONCIERGE (Hotel Services)
Enhances Guest Experience and generates additional Revenue opportunities for hotel operators. It fully integrates guest services and backend management tools.

1. Builds revenues in old and new places
2. Lowers labor costs and printing costs
3. Increases efficiency and accountability
4. Maximizes guest satisfaction and experience
5. Provides a distinct competitive advantage over other non-ICE hotels

Order Services, Book A Reservation, Request Services, Direct Messaging, Advertising, Integration, Business Intelligence, Request Manager, Dynamic Menu Management, Account Manager, Content Control, Room Control, Media Control,...

The first Universal Energy Monitoring Dashboard

INNOENERGY is a set of valuable tools for understanding and effectively managing building energy and water use. Rich with exciting features, INNOENERGY make it easy to track and interpret trends in usage, create community-wide comparisons, learn about building characteristics and renewable energy technologies, participate in real-time energy reduction competitions and more. A range of powerful apps is accessible from every Building Dashboard.

Based on Android Platform, a leading android media player with support of over 1000 live tv channels and a wide range of services:

Google TV, You Tube, Twitter, Facebook Direct, Flickr, Skype,...
FREE Internet Channels
FREE Internet Radio
LIVE IP Streaming
VOD (Video on Demand)
VIDEO Conferencing
TV WEB Browsing
MY CHANNEL Broadcasting
MY Maintenance
FREE Applications

Profile - Mr. Farbod Sadeghian
A man of vision
The entrepreneur Mr. Farbod Sadeghian is the founder and current CEO of NOXEL, an international company with 7 major branches in the automated building solutions, digital signage, distribution, IT and production industries. Mr. Farbod Sadeghian has 11 years professional experience in the executive management, foundation, branding and management of international companies and his business experience spans companies that have generated a collective of over USD $330-Million in revenue.

To develop innovative and cutting edge technologies that simplify the world.

Mr. Farbod Sadeghian: "We will develop best products and solutions -- all designed to simplify life around us. In this fast paced world, technology needs to be at your service with ONE TOUCH. We welcome and invite you to experience the science of simplicity."

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